PHOTOS: Themed Club Cool Merchandise Displays Moved to Mouse Gear at Epcot

We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when… Oh, wait. At Mouse Gear. You can now see the remains of Club Cool housed at Mouse Gear in Epcot.

If these new displays at Mouse Gear look familiar, it’s because they’re the ones that held Coca-Cola branded merchandise at Club Cool up until the location closed on September 7th.

Walls went up around Club Cool on September 8th, and apparently, the merchandise displays went out… and right across the hall to Mouse Gear, where they’re now used to display puzzles and assorted Disney Parks toy sets.

Now it seems like Mouse Gear will be the final resting place of these stands, as the popular Epcot store is set to close for an extensive remodeling before the end of the year. An official closing date for the refurbishment has yet to be announced, but the store will be moving to a temporary home over the winter during the refurbishment of the retail location.

You still have a few months to take Mouse Gear’s glorious late-90s interior, just don’t forget to pour one out for Club Cool.

Still missing the sights, the sounds, and the sticky floors of Club Cool? Check out our full walkthrough on its final day of operation below: