Primeval Whirl at Disney’s Animal Kingdom to Cease Normal Operations and Become a Seasonal Attraction

Well, the saga of Primeval Whirl’s closure just got even more interesting after Disney revealed the attraction would become seasonal. Current plans are to keep the attraction closed through the end of the year, only re-opening Primeval Whirl for the busiest days at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

primeval whirl

Seasonal operation is contingent of Primeval Whirl being able to come back from whatever issues have been keeping the attraction closed the past few months. There is no word as to if Primeval Whirl will go back to being a full-time attraction after the start of the new year.

Guests should be wary that seasonal operation for a previously normally operating attraction has been a sign of imminent permanent closure. As you may remember, this was the case for Stitch’s Great Escape!, which Disney still lists as “temporarily closed” despite the fact that the attraction has not operated since January 6, 2018.

Stay tuned to WDWNT for updates on this story and many more.

34 thoughts on “Primeval Whirl at Disney’s Animal Kingdom to Cease Normal Operations and Become a Seasonal Attraction”

  1. How interesting…though it’s just a carnival ride, it’s something. Could it be the beginning of the end of Hester and Chester’s? A slow and painful death lol?

    • We rode it in early June 2019 and while I always remember it jerking people around, this time it actually hurt everyone in our party, across two different cars, two of whom are high performance athletes (i.e. in top condition). I firmly believe Disney had to take it offline due to complaints and the potential for injury.

  2. I know this ride gets insulted a lot but I really wanted to try it out when I go for the first time ever in a few days 😔 bummer.

  3. Does anyone knows why it is becoming officially a seasonal ride? I haven’t heard of a seasonal ride since Body Wars.

    • I agree. I always felt it was a little out of place. Really, that entire area seems out of date and cheap. I will say that my kids do like the smaller rides and I don’t want to see them entirely disappear though.

      • This is a great point. I looked around and felt like I was at a carnival, a nice carnival, but still…. my 2 year olds had a great time, and I did enjoy myself. However, it felt nothing like Disney.

  4. Having been on it more than once on different trips…it was never more than a standard ‘midway’ carnival attraction that was far below Disney standards and expectations. Felt more like a ‘we need a filler’ ride so lets just put something there until we figure it out. Not a loss to me. That location can be used for something bigger, grander and much more exciting.

  5. In a discussion with a cast member, I was told there were discussions of a new attraction going in there but nothing about when the attraction would reopen.

  6. We were on that last year (Labor Day weekend) and it broke down while we were riding it. Had to be escorted off via ladder and walked down to the debark area. Upside – we got a free fastpass reservation out of it.

  7. I started laughing the minute we escalated the main hill and didn’t stop until the ride was over. Yes, it was painful, but that was part of the fun!

  8. They really need to just get rid of this whole area. It’s ugly and boring and a waste of space. Can’t believe they let their standards drop so low.

  9. It was very painful but I liked it. If it were to be closed, I would like to see Disney do an expanded version of the Tilt-a-Whirl

  10. Our family loves Primeval Whirl and will miss it. We love the theming of that whole area as a roadside attraction. Yes it feels cheap and rundown…. like a roadside attraction, and they nailed the theme IMO. We’ll miss this ride and Chester and Hester’s won’t be the same without it.

  11. just replace it. stop with this “Seasonal” nonsense. people pay for a fully operating park. unless it’s a scheduled, announced refurbishment, or a sudden unplanned issue, you’re cheating people out of what they’ve paid for. and this whole area is in dire need of overhaul, just get rid of it. rumors swirling about parts needed that can’t be found… does not make me want to ride a ride with those kinds of questions. plus i like to keep my fillings. that it might be going away is no huge loss, but to not have a replacement ready to go is being cheap.

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