REVIEW: New Cotton Candy Arendelle Aqua Cone Brings Frozen Fractals to Storybook Treats at the Magic Kingdom

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There are a ton of great new treats coming to Disney Parks to celebrate the launch of Arendelle Aqua.

This new icy blue shade is inspired by the film Frozen, so of course there are a few frozen treats on the list. The Magic Kingdom has brought us a variety of themed character cones lately, so it’s only fitting they release an Arendelle Aqua Cone!

Storybook Treats in Fantasyland is home to this new cone. It’s perfect for the ‘gram, and the beautiful color will match all your Arendelle Aqua essentials.

This is a cotton candy flavored soft serve, swirled on a matching blue cone. Mickey-shaped sugar cubes top it off, with a sprinkling of extra sugar, for $5.99.

The two Mickey shaped sugar cubes are a cute novelty for photos, but you’re basically eating sugar cubes. Proceed with caution.

The sugar crystals add a bit of a crunchy texture, but the taste is more like adding a sugar packet that doesn’t mix correctly. It’s similar to sugar sprinkles, but not quite the same. Luckily, the cotton candy flavor is so light and delicious, the sugar isn’t bad. After a few bites, we actually started to enjoy the crystal crunch with the soft serve. The ice cream flavor is amazing and might just be our new favorite here at the Magic Kingdom.

Some ice cream is worth melting for. Our cone didn’t suffer this fate, but we saw quite a few deep aqua puddles needing Elsa’s assistance. We almost lost ours, too, but grabbed a cup just in time.

With so many new Arendelle Aqua snacks to choose from, you may want to make a list! Will you be heading to Storybook Treats at the Magic Kingdom for the new Arendelle Aqua Cone?

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I just need the mickey sugar cubes for my morning coffee all year.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

This looks delicious. However, it’s clearly a different shade of blue than the other Arendelle Aqua treats and merch, which I thought was the whole point of the color trend.