Ingredient Labels Revealed for Blue and Green Milk Served at Milk Stand in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Regardless of whether you’re all for Blue Milk or oddly a fan of the Green Milk served at Milk Stand in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (I know I am, although things might change for reasons soon to be disclosed.) guests have always been puzzled at the strange texture and slightly-off flavors of both.

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A plant-based, vegan-friendly recipe supposedly formulated just for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the consistency of the milks has a strange, oily silkiness to it amidst the slushed ice… and now we know why:

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They’re just sugar, coconut oil, stabilizers and thickeners, and natural flavors.

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Alcoholic Blue and Green Milk at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

I’m impressed that the colorings really are naturally derived through spirulina, which is a kind of algae, for the blue milk, and spirulina, turmeric, and beta carotene for the green milk (the turmeric is what gives it that slight yellow tinge, as opposed to it being a stronger green color.)

Many have mentioned getting allergic reactions to these milks, so it’d be worth inspecting these ingredient lists closely for any troublesome allergy-triggering foods.

In a theme park laden with gratuitously sugary and oily snacks, it’d be hypocritical to judge these “milks” as strikingly “unhealthy” by any stretch, but it’ll definitely make you think next time you glug away, or even worse, layer them both. It’s also interesting to note that Kent Precisions Food Group (on the label) also produces and distributes mixes for another Disney Parks snack: the classic, fan-favorite Dole Whip.

Mark Hamill himself has recounted the “oily, sickly-sweet milk dyed blue” that he was made to chug on screen as Luke Skywalker throughout the Star Wars movie series, and while these new milks may taste like “yummy fruit smoothies”, they’re clearly just another Jedi mind trick.

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  1. I’m not surprised that people are allergic to the green milk. The turmeric in it is an oleoresin.

    Oleoresin the junk that 20 or so years ago that Lay’s tried to use to make their fat free nasty potato chips.

    It gave everyone greasy diarrhea, and was advised to take extra vitamin D cause it leeched it out of your body. We all know how that ended up.
    (long-time grocery guy here)

    • Olestra was the ingredient that gave people diarrhea. It switched the backbone of triglycerides from glycerol to sucrose, which is why it was indigestible. Oleoresins are just a semisolid form of extracts created through evaporation – they shouldn’t make people sick.

  2. While these seem gross anyway, this is a little sensationalist. The ingredients list is for the powder base. I would assume this is getting combined with a liquid (water, maybe?). If you read the ingredients list for non-dairy creamers and bubble tea powders, there are many similarities. These powders aren’t really any different than those, other than being gross flavors.

  3. Turmeric is not a good idea for people on coumadin blood-thinners!! So I will definitely steer clear of the green dyestuff

  4. they’ll give you the ingredients list at the registers if you ask, for allergy purposes. I had asked to find out how much sugar is in them but they only have the ingredients list, not the quantities.

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