REVIEW: Arendelle Aqua Inspired Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake from Kona Island

Are you ready for more Arendelle Aqua treats? We are! We decided to head over to the Polynesian Resort and check out the newest offering from Kona Island, located next to Kona Cafe. They’re now offering a Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake to go along with the other aqua desserts around the resort. We love the snacks here (especially the chocolate covered bacon) so we couldn’t wait to try the new cheesecake.

It’s a beautiful little dessert, served in a cup with a lid for $4.99. It’s perfectly packaged for a quick grab and go snack before hopping on the monorail.

The aqua color is gorgeous, with two micro hibiscus flowers, graham cracker sprinkles that look like beach sand, and a white chocolate sea shell. It’s totally giving off Frozen vibes, right? Remember the part where Elsa had a magic sea shell? Obviously, this is themed more to the Polynesian Resort, which is totally acceptable. This might honestly be the most beautiful of all the Arendelle Aqua desserts we’ve tried, even if it looks more themed to Moana (we’re okay with that, too).

You can see the layers of the cheesecake through the cup. There is a thin layer of graham cracker crumbles at the bottom, a gelatinous aqua layer in the center, and then another gel layer on the top. As we walked, this dessert jiggled quite a lot, which was a bit unsettling. If Arendelle were moved to a tropical climate, this is what I would expect.

We took a little spoonful at first, and the consistency isn’t as thick as we expected. It was almost like pudding. It didn’t have a strong taste, but it did have a bit of a lemon flavor to it. The gel-like layer at the top has a very tart taste to it. Then we hit the center… and it got worse.

There is a giant blob of blueberry compote in the center. It has a thick, cold consistency, like a packet of jelly in a freezer. This was just a disaster. I feel awful calling any cheesecake a disaster. There might be people who really love jelly, but this blueberry center was awful. At least the white chocolate shell was tasty.

We will be crossing this one off of our Arendelle Aqua list. Stay on the monorail and head into the Magic Kingdom for the Arendelle Aqua cone if you need to satisfy your craving for blue. Or, for the less trendy, try the Fall pumpkin pie cheesecake from the All-Star Resort.