REVIEW: New Ghoulish Delight, My Bugs! Mocktails and Worms, Dice & Everything Nice Cocktail at Hollywood Lounge for Halloween Time 2019 at Disney California Adventure

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The spell is cast and it’s time to get your snack on at Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure. Today marks the start of Halloween Time at the resort, and what’s any holiday at Disneyland Resort without some specialty drinks? We’re at Hollywood Lounge for some Oogie-Boogie themed mocktails and cocktails for the whole to enjoy… well, as long as they like bugs.

Ghoulish Delight, My Bugs! Mocktails and Worms, Dice & Everything Nice Cocktail at Hollywood Lounge

Non-Alcoholic Specialty Drinks

My Bugs! My Bugs! – $5.99

Limeade Slush with Grenadine and Gummy Worms

This is the non alcoholic version of the Worms, Dice & Everything Nice cocktail we review below, but it’s pink instead of yellow due to the grenadine.

It’s a sweet slush with a hint of lime taste. Kids would enjoy it for sure, but it was way too sweet for us. Still, it’s definitely a fun Halloween drink.

Ghoulish Delight – $4.99

Cotton Candy Lemonade

It’s served with the cotton candy on the side, because it melts into it rather quickly…

As you can see. It’s super sweet, of course, and tastes exactly like blue raspberry cotton candy. This is another one that’s way too sweet for us, but kids would probably like it.

Alcoholic Specialty Drinks

Worms, Dice & Everything Nice – $21.00

Midori-Limeade Slush with Oogie Boogie Dice Glow Cubes

Another refreshing slush drink. You can’t really taste the alcohol since it’s on the sweet side. The glow cubes are a nice addition, though. It melts quickly, but we’d definitely get again due to how refreshing and limey it is. Do keep in mind that you’ll be fishing out gummy worms with this one, and they’re rather had to get to at times.

Happy slurping!

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