VIDEO: Watch The Spooky Boo Parade, Night High Halloween Fireworks, and Festival of Mystique Show from Disney Halloween 2019 at Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort’s spooky “Disney Halloween” event runs from September 10th to October 31st this year, and some of us were lucky enough to be there for the start of the season.

If you’re like me and are obsessed with all of Tokyo Disney’s parades and shows, including all of the fun costumes, attention to detail, and irresistible earworm songs, but can’t casually make it out to Tokyo on a whim, we’ve got you covered with videos of the three top Halloween spectaculars at the resort, spanning from Tokyo Disneyland to Tokyo DisneySea.

Watch the amazing parade floats of the returning Spooky “Boo!” Parade, the fireworks of this year’s Night High Halloween spectacular, and some stunning, over-the-top performances in Festival of Mystique.

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Spooky “Boo!” Parade – Tokyo Disneyland

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This year, the incredibly popular Spooky “Boo!” Parade! made a triumphant return. In this parade of Halloween chills and thrills, the ghosts have invited the Disney friends to enjoy a ghostly version of Tokyo Disneyland. The Disney Friends make their appearances on floats inspired by the various attractions and themed lands, but with an eerie transformation. For example, there’s a Western River Railroad locomotive operated by a skeleton, as well as jack-o’-lanterns featuring the ghosts. As everyone begins to have fun in the ghost-version Tokyo Disneyland, the Disney friends undergo a spooky transformation, costumes and all, including brand-new outfits for Mickey and Minnie!

Night High Halloween Fireworks Spectacular – Tokyo Disneyland

Screen Shot 2019 09 24 at 5.27.10 PM

The special nighttime fireworks show, Night High Halloween, also made its return this year. It’s the most “run of the mill” of these entertainment offerings, but even then, it still has that extra Tokyo Disneyland touch.

Festival of Mystique Show – Tokyo DisneySea

Screen Shot 2019 09 24 at 5.28.49 PM

Over at Tokyo DisneySea, you can celebrate Halloween at Porto Paradiso with the amazing Festival of Mystique outdoor stage show. The “Sea Witches” have devised a plan to bring the festivities under their control, but the Disney Friends are on hand to save Halloween and put it back to the way it should be.


Happy Halloween!