Virgin Atlantic Galaxys Edge

Virgin Atlantic Adds Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Graphics on a 747 as Part of The Ultimate Virgin Holidays Star Wars Experience

In a galaxy far, far away, a Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 has seen its fuselage decorated with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge graphics. Featuring a giant Millennium Falcon, this graphic is part of Disney’s PR push for the themed land at Walt Disney World.

Virgin Atlantic Galaxys Edge

Taking around three weeks to complete, this graphic is part of advertisement of Virgin Holidays “The Ultimate Virgin Holidays Star Wars Experience”. The Ultimate Virgin Holidays Star Wars Experience takes off 15–22 February 2020 on an exclusive themed Virgin Atlantic flight for just 455 passengers.

The newly repainted plane, G-VLIP, left London Gatwick at 1:21 PM BST today on its way to Orlando International Airport. Dubbed “The Falcon” by Virgin Atlantic, it is scheduled to land around 5:00 PM EST if you would like to catch a glimpse at the airport!

Would you like to take this Star Wars-themed plane on your next visit to Walt Disney World?

  1. Disney seems to be pretty desperate to get people into the parks, but the problem is they have raised the prices so much. I was going to renew my passholder in July, but they raise the price. Don’t be going back till 2020 maybe.

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