Disney+ Now Testing Autoplay Function Within Streaming App

Jessica Figueroa

Disney+ Now Testing Autoplay Function Within Streaming App

Jessica Figueroa

Disney+ Now Testing Autoplay Function Within Streaming App

While we’re still out here twiddling our thumbs till the official launch of Disney+, testing for the streaming service and its app are well underway in the Netherlands. Resources like disneyplusser.nl have been posting on all the latest updates, most notably the addition of the Autoplay function in the latest app update.

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Photo Credit: disneypluser.nl, Courtesy of Richard Schaaper.

The latest 1.1.0 update for the Disney Plus app brings the addition of a lower-half countdown screen during the credits of the end of an episode, featuring a thumbnail and details of the following episode (episode number, name, season.) The next episode then starts automatically after a few seconds. This feature was not available in the old 1.0.3 version of the app. However, it is unknown whether the autoplay function will work on all devices.

If you are lucky enough to be in the test group for Disney+ and have not been able to switch to the new version yet, this latest update is being rolled out in phases to keep from overloading local servers, and may take several days.

At least we know that binge-watching Clone Wars, or dare I say, Disney+ and chill, will be even more feasible with the addition of this new autoplay feature.

Have you subscribed to the upcoming streaming service yet? Let us know in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Disney+ Now Testing Autoplay Function Within Streaming App”

  1. I haven’t subscribed yet but on November 12 I will be. I am also so looking forward to it being I’m a huge disney fan.

  2. Biggest complaint about Netflix is how you can’t turn off its autoplay. Panic induced “WHERE IS THE REMOTE?!!!11!!!” at the end of every freakin’ episode.

    • I also hate that “Are you still watching?” deal. I don’t mind the question itself, but they do it like thirty seconds to a minute into the movie or show. It prompts the same “Where is the remote?” response from us. If they did it between episodes, it wouldn’t be that much of a bother, but it takes away from the experience mid-episode.

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