PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 10/2/19 (Unusually High Crowds, New Plush, Too Many Star Wars Cooling Fans, and More!)


PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 10/2/19 (Unusually High Crowds, New Plush, Too Many Star Wars Cooling Fans, and More!)

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Good afternoon from Hollywood Studios! After a fun-filled morning of riding around on the Disney Skyliner, we decided to check out what was happening inside the park…

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First stop, The Darkroom…

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There were plenty of limited edition pins in stock as you can see here at The Darkroom. There were Disney Skyliner, Kingdom Consoles, Star Wars, and Annual Passholder pins!

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What’s that you say? Another Halloween sale? This is turning into the 12 days of sales at the rate we are going… This time, it’s Halloween plush.

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The sale consists of the Halloween Mickey, Minnie and Pluto plush toys. They are $15 each instead of the usual $21.99. You can stack a Passholder, DVC, or Cast Member discount on top of the $15 sale!

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Continuing on with the plush theme, we also came across this awesome new set of Mickey & Minnie Thanksgiving plush. Read more about these guys here!

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We also found this new Lotso the strawberry scented bear little big feet plush over on Sunset Blvd. Full details can be found here!

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The crowds on Hollywood Blvd. were a little higher in volume than usual for the afternoon time, especially on a Sunday.

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Over in the Echo Lake area, did you know there is a cosmetic dentistry office? This place is easy to just walk by, but worth stopping to check out!

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There is even a directory posted on the wall outside with a few punny dentist names.

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It was so busy in the park that Gertie’s was operating for the day!

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Some fresh dinosaur footprints…

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These costumes above and below were rolled out today across the park at various food, beverage, and merchandise locations. Read more about them here.

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The restroom expansion over near Star Tours and Grand Avenue is coming along, as you can see above and below they’ve started to add some brick and mortar to the exterior of the building, you can also hear work being done on the inside throughout the day… additional photos below.

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The Muppet area around Grand Ave. was very busy compared to how it has been lately!

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Time to head to Batuu…

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This is very crowded considering how slow the area has been since opening day, we haven’t seen it this way for at least a couple of weeks now.

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Iced spray fans anyone? They are really starting to push these…

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A second location? Seriously?

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Lastly, a third location over by Droid Depot, again this is another case of “We made too many…”

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Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities actually had a line today, which hasn’t been the case for quite some time now…

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Yeah… it’s crowded!

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Docking Bay 7 was also packed.

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The line to order food at Docking Bay 7. We again haven’t seen this really since opening week…

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Crowd in front of the Millennium Falcon.

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The queue for Smugglers Run was outside of the allotted space ending with a Cast Member holding a wait time sign. The wait was 80 minutes.

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Is that a giant Mouse Droid?

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Speaking of droids, .the droid testing and play area over near the outside of Droid Depot seems to be quite a hit! Read more about it here!

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New lamppost banners have gone up promoting the upcoming Disney film Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.

That sums up our afternoon at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Stay tuned for the next photo report from WDWNT!

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  1. A lot of European schools have 3 weeks Fall break in October. So being off season and with GE open, it’s a perfect time for them to vacation.

  2. Lets see if this keeps up. They are adding a advertisement for droids out in the street? This reminds me of foreign people vending flying toys in the mall, kind of tacky, not really very classy here Disney. The wheeled dirty black rolling trash can really needs to go, not very Disney like…….

    • I can understand not appreciating the cash grab, but equating it to “foreign people in the mall” is racist as can be. We all love the Disney Parks, yet we don’t complain about the price tag in such ignorant terms. Good grief!

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