PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 10/12/19 (Skyliner Testing, Holiday Weekend Crowds, An Ugly Olaf Shirt, and More!)

Bright suns from Hollywood Studios! When we arrived at the park, we stopped by to check in on the Disney Skyliner, which is still closed after the incident last weekend. The gondolas are in motion as testing continues, but there is still no reopening date set as of now.

Orange cones and barricades still block off the gondolas as they go around.

Galaxy’s Edge is packed today. Tons of people are standing around Ronto Roasters eating their Ronto Wraps.

The line for Smugglers Run is the longest we’ve seen in a while, even though the wait time only says 60 minutes.

With all the strollers parked outside the Droid Depot, it’s hard to get a good look at some of the details outside. This wall is a great photo op when it’s less crowded.

Crowds are outside enjoying playing with their droids.

The crowds are pretty steady throughout the rest of the park.

Follow the Green Army Men, they always get the crowd to part.

When we stopped into Once Upon A Time, this creepy pair of eyes were staring at us from the display of t-shirts.

It’s Olaf! On one of the most cheaply made t-shirts we’ve ever seen. Not only is this tissue paper thin piece of cloth $24.99, the ink has bled through from the front onto the back. As we looked at them stacked up, we realized every single shirt has a faint, ghostly Olaf image on the back of them.

Look at this quality control. I noticed the weird printing error on the very first shirt I picked up. I quickly pulled one off the shelf and put it on to see if it really looked as bad as I thought. Yep, it’s even worse on. This looks like an “Olaph” shirt you’d buy from someone in an alley for $2. I could have done the same thing with a Sharpie and a shirt from Lost and Found.

The line for ABC Commissary is out the door.

PizzeRizzo is packing them in, too. Everyone must have heard about that delicious plant-based Italian sausage.

If there’s a chill in the air, be sure to grab this new Best Day Ever scarf for $24.99.

There’s so many people here today!

Might be time to grab a Sweet Poison from Oasis Canteen.

Tail as old as time…

Time to maneuver our way out of the park.

One last look at the Disney Skyliner before we head out for the day. The gondolas were moving this morning, but now they hang motionless. It’s almost creepy to see them just sitting there. Thanks for following us today, and stay tuned for more updates!

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Mary Ann Aell
Mary Ann Aell
1 year ago

Glad we are not there. Loved your description of the Olaf shirt.