PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 10/12/19 (Heavy Crowds, New Haunted Mansion Ears, Donald Duck Anniversary Plush, Villains Magnets, and More!)

It’s another beautiful day here at the Magic Kingdom! The sun is shining, the holiday crowds are out, and we’re going to need a little retail therapy to start the day. Let’s start the morning off with a little shopping on Main Street U.S.A..

What a fun and welcoming display outside of Uptown Jewelers! The new Dooney and Bourke 10th anniversary collection, including the limited release MagicBand, are available here today, so grab them while you can. Those Heidi Klum $600 ears caught my attention from half way down the street. They’re still available here, as well as several other styles of the Disney Parks Designer Ears.

You know that creepy feeling you get when you know you’re being watched? This limited edition 3,000 Donald Duck plush is now available in the Emporium and Big Top Souvenirs for $50 to celebrate the 85th anniversary of our favorite duck. I’m sure somebody out there will connect with this angry doll on some level, but I wouldn’t want this thing in my house staring at me.

haunted mansion glow ears

haunted mansion glow ears

haunted mansion glow ears

The new Haunted Mansion ears can be found at Memento Mori for $27.99. They glow in the dark! This design is creative and the singing busts are a nice alternative to the typical bow on ears in the park. Fans of the attractions will appreciate all the details in the artwork on the ears, both front and back.

4 new villains magnets have joined the Ursula and Evil Queen magnets we recently found on the D-Tech on Demand kiosk. We found Cruella at Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. only, but the other 3 were found on all kiosks around the park. Sometimes these designs come and go, or can only be found at certain locations, so if you look and don’t see what you’re looking for, we suggest checking other locations around the parks.

They’re even customizable, which is a really nice option for these, should you not want “Monster at Heart” or whatever saying is featured on the villain of your choice.

Just gotta stop and look at the new art versus the old art of the six.

This magnetic list is $12.99 and perfect for hanging on the refrigerator. I really don’t like how Minnie’s shoes blend in to the paper, though.

These Minnie Mouse notecards are $12.99 and come with 4 different styles of blank cards.

hidden mickey stationery sets

hidden mickey stationery sets

There’s another set of note cards, with 4 different sayings on the front. The cards read “There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow”, “Believe in the impossible”, “Smile from ear to ear”, and “If you can dream it, you can do it”, and they come blank inside so you can personalize your own message.

hidden mickey stationery sets

This “Today is a Dream Coming True” notebook is fun for $19.99, and even comes with a pen.

It’s a nice day, and a holiday weekend, so let’s take a look at the crowds.

Mine Train was at a 110 minute wait early in the morning.

Early in the morning, we stopped into Adventureland and saw the Jungle Cruise stand by queue backed up on the stairs.

Later that day… The Fastpass lines are pretty backed up all around the park now. The Jungle Cruise Fastpass line was getting dangerously close to the spitting camel.

Not sure what happened to the old Fastpass sign for Peter Pan, but we spotted this queue backed up towards the exit of Philharmagic.

Grim grinning crowds have come out to socialize. This long, thin rope looped guests back and forth before entering the queue for the Haunted Mansion.

Nope, no thank you. 40 minutes for “it’s a small world” is a hard pass from me.

I love looking into the distance and trying to find the new Tomorrowland entrance sign.

Looks like Big Top Souvenirs is getting ready to hype up Maleficent.

Well, these Disney Dream Friends plush have the right idea. I kinda wanna crawl in this barrel with Simba and take a nap. Thanks for following us today around the busy holiday weekend crowds at the Magic Kingdom and stay tuned for more updates from the parks and beyond!

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Bill M.
Bill M.
1 year ago

While cruising the Confectionery on main street yesterday I can across what looks to be new kitchen linens and cups. I was wondering if anyone had seen a whole set of these yet and if they are infact “new”. Just curious.