PHOTO REPORT: Tokyo DisneySea 10/19/19 (Construction Updates, Adorable Sleepy Duffy Merchandise, Port Discovery Chip ‘n’ Dale, and More!)

“Tokyo DisneySea, a world of wonder for you and me!” according to the park’s wonderful theme song. After our visit to Tokyo Disneyland, I felt like it’d been a minute since we checked in on Tokyo DisneySea. So, let’s set sail to the world’s most beautiful theme park and check in!

Around the Park

It’s still Disney Halloween here at Tokyo DisneySea! Something really cool that’s happened since we last checked in is the addition of fabric on the far left and far right sides of the event marquee. Even halfway through the event, Tokyo Disney Resort continues to put attention to the little details!

Mount Prometheus has remained at about this level of scaffolding for a few weeks now. I think it’s safe to assume that while the top is uncovered and the smoke and fire have returned, we will continue to see the rest of the scaffolding for a while.

Over in the American Waterfront, scaffolding is up around a majority of the Broadway Music Theatre. I presume this is part of the continuing touch-ups and work across the resort to prepare for the 2020 Olympics crowds! I can’t wait to see everything looking 100% pristine once more! Remember that Big Band Beat will be on hiatus from mid-January to mid-February, in case you are visiting for Pixar Playtime this winter!

This is one of the more famous icons that others may have seen at Tokyo DisneySea. Toyville Trolley Park is a mini-land in the American Waterfront, home to our Toy Story Mania. The giant Woody mouth… thing is meant to be reminiscent of early 20th century Luna Park entrances, which featured a clown’s mouth. Still creeps me out a bit, honestly.

And always remember that you’ve got a friend in Toyville!

Just down the way a bit, we can see planters up around a bench area. This does not block any walkways, so this is likely routine work on the benches themselves.

Rejoice, for the S.S. Columbia smokestacks are beginning to be uncovered! So far, we’ve just got one of three, but hopefully these will be uncovered entirely in time for the holiday season! The scaffolding might wreck pictures of the Christmas tree.

On our journeys through the American Waterfront, I spotted the old miser himself, Scrooge McDuck! Maybe he was out promoting his nearby store, McDuck’s! Or maybe he just wanted to say hi to some Guests… and get them to part ways with their money.

Over at the Dockside Stage, we can see that the area is still closed while Hello! New York continues its hiatus. The show returns with an all-new holiday version on November 8th!

Cape Cod is looking lovely as ever today! The music alone makes this one of my favorite lands.

Over in Port Discovery, Aquatopia was temporarily stopped on one side. This happens quite often, and occasionally results in a full drainage and evacuation. Fortunately, they were back in motion in no time! One of the things I love about this attraction is it really serves no purpose other than to be fun. It’s a wonderful example of how even a simple, virtually storyless Disney attraction can still be a hit and fit in a park.

Further down, we can spot Chip n’ Dale in their special Port Discovery outfits. Hope they don’t make too much mischief around so much futuristic equipment!

Since today was a bit of a warm day, I decided to stop and have a DeepSea before they go away on October 31st. It’s essentially a pineapple slush on top of pineapple jelly with tapioca balls, and it’s so delicious and fruity! Highly recommend one if you’re there before the end of Halloween.

Wow, we’ve made it to the jungles of Lost River Delta already! At the Hangar Stage, the incredible Song of Mirage continues to play to full theaters. The show follows the journey of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy as they search for the fabled lost city of Rio Dorado. The soundtrack for this show comes out soon, and I can’t wait to listen to it at home!

There’s a crane invasion at Tokyo Disney Resort! Far off in the distance, we can see the crane currently touching up Cinderella Castle at Tokyo Disneyland. A bit closer to home, we can see the cranes doing work on Fantasy Springs. With so much happening, we know that the future is exciting for these parks!

Meanwhile, it’s never a bad time to say hi to Sindbad and Chandu! If you’ve never experienced this attraction, it makes it well worth the trek out to Tokyo DisneySea on its own.

As we continue our voyage, we eventually reach Mermaid Lagoon, home of King Triton, Ariel, and her marine friends!

Some people may not know, but you can visit Ariel’s grotto here at Tokyo DisneySea as well, complete with Eric statue! It’s a lovely experience.

But beware Ursula and her hench-eels, Flotsam and Jetsam! You can find all of this and more in Ariel’s Playground at Tokyo DisneySea!

And finally, we make a stop at Mysterious Island. Unfortunately, it’s a little less mysterious right now, because Journey to the Center of the Earth is closed until November 30th. You have no idea how excited I am to take another adventure underground!

And finally dropping anchor back in Mediterranean Harbor, we can see some work being done on the Ponte Vecchio bridge, as is routine during the off-season. Won’t be too long before the majestic views are restored, I hope!

At Fortress Explorations, you can venture through the headquarters of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers, or S.E.A. for short. There’s so many areas to explore, including this lovely full-size galleon! Imagineer Marc Sasaki recently revealed on Twitter that thousands of hours of work from skilled craftsmen went into the creation of this full-size 16th century Spanish galleon, the Renaissance. It’s made completely from wood, at almost a museum level of quality.

And where can you get a gorgeous view of this lovely piece? Why, from these wood S.E.A. benches, of course!

And as we exit Fortress Explorations, we can catch a glance of the sleepy town of Porto Paradiso. What a whirlwind voyage!

Merchandise & Guest Costumes

Since it was forecast to be a rainy day, I spotted very few Guest costumes in the park. But these two Goofys, dressed in their Festival of Mystique and Over the Waves/AquaSphere Plaza outfits respectively, were celebrating the Halloween season!

These hoodies (particularly the blue one, which I own) were extremely popular last winter. Thus, they’ve made their return as the weather begins to cool down. They’re available at almost every apparel outlet around both parks for ¥3900 ($35.92)

These cute character face mugs just released a couple of weeks ago, and retail for ¥1400 ($12.89).

Over in Villa Donaldo Home Shop, I also spotted these adorable Small World-esque mini plates for ¥3200 ($29.47). They’d make a cute decorative item, I think!

A couple of weeks ago, we brought you the news of the new Duffy’s Sweet Dreams collection, featuring all four of the Duffy friends asleep, and they’re just so darn precious! Each of these are available at every Duffy outlet in the park for ¥4000 ($36.84)!

And that’s all from Tokyo DisneySea this week! But the news never ends, so be sure to stay tuned to WDWNT for the latest on Tokyo Disney Resort and Disney Parks worldwide!

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