PHOTOS: A Sleigh Load of New Christmas Shirts and Sweaters Slides into EPCOT

Christmas has arrived early this year, and in EPCOT’s MouseGear, no less!  While making our rounds today we discovered a whole sleigh full of new Christmas shirts, sweaters, and pajamas.

Chip and Dale “On the Naughty List” T-Shirt – $24.99

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Ok if you don’t think this is hilarious… you’re just wrong.

“Oh Snap!” Mickey Gingerbread T-Shirt – $24.99

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We will be making this joke with every single gingerbread man we pick up this holiday season.

Mickey Head Peppermint Sequin T-Shirt – $39.99

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A super sweet addition to any holiday wardrobe!

Christmas Snacks T-Shirt – $34.99

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Okay, this one is just rude.  Everyone you meet will instantly start craving cookies and candy canes.

“‘Tis the Season to be Jolly” T-Shirt – $24.99

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We are loving the puffy paint texture on this shirt’s text!

“Holiday Magic” T-Shirt – $24.99

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Simple, sweet, and classic.  What more could you want?

“Main Street Candy Canes” T-Shirt – $34.99

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So cute.  So vintage.  So makes me want a candy cane.

“Main Street Reindeer Sleigh Rides” T-Shirt – $34.99

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I mean… reindeers are better than people, right?

Reversible Sequin Minnie Sweatshirt –  $54.99

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The ultimate not-so-tacky Christmas sweater.  Highly recommended for office parties where you don’t want to totally embarrass yourself.

“We Bring the Merry” Zip Up Sweatshirt – $49.99

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This one looks juuuust cozy enough for Florida winters.  Yes, please!

Mickey and Minnie Holiday Zip Up Sweatshirt – $64.99

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The lining and faux-fur trim makes this sweatshirt extra cozy for those who might actually experience seasons at home.

“Happy Merry Joy” Tinsel Sweater – $49.99

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They’ve reached perfection on this one.  No need to worry, this sweater won’t shed.  The tinsel pieces are glued down well and sealed to stick.

Girl’s Minnie Holiday Onesie Set with Ear Headband – $29.99

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The perfect outfit for baby girl’s first Christmas!

Boy’s Mickey Holiday Onesie Set with Ear Hat – $29.99

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And perfect for baby boy’s first Christmas!  Can you just imagine this set on twins?!?

Girl’s Minnie Holiday Faux Fur-Lined Hooded Dress – $59.99

8E260C22 2AF1 448D B12A EDFAF1CDE9DF 76ED20E3 5219 4BF9 888B 54CEFB1B9620 B2B806E8 9A61 4B38 B955 9A2C270A5B5D

The perfect dress for the sassy girl in your life.

Youth Green Spirit Jersey with Peppermint Stripes – $44.99

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Can we get this in adult sizing, please?

Youth Christmas Truck Pajama Shirt – $19.99

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The perfect shirt for Christmas jammies…

Youth Christmas Plaid with Mickey Head Pajama Pants – $19.99

F87437DC C548 4F41 8916 D5A26001C0FC

… and the perfect pants!

Boy’s Christmas Snacks Zip Up Onesie Pajamas with Ears – $39.99

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This little number will make your boy snug as a bug in a rug.

Girl’s Christmas Snacks Zip Up Onesie Pajamas with Ears – $39.99

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The Minnie bow really makes this one pop.

Girl’s Reversible Sequin Minnie Head “Minnie and Bright” T-Shirt – $24.99

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Perfect for all of your little princess’ holiday parties.

Youth Minnie and Mickey Holiday Print Track Pants – $29.99

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These pants would pair well with any of the youth t-shirts!

Plaid Flannel Holiday Mickey Ear Santa Hat – $29.99

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This Mickey ear Santa hat has an adjustable strap on the inside and is a perfect pair with the new Minnie ears we found earlier today.


Which pieces of new Christmas merch are on your wish list?  Do you think Santa will treat you to any of these Disney goodies?!