PHOTOS, VIDEO: Authorities Release Images of Stolen Costumes and Props from The Haunted Mansion; Former Walt Disney World Cast Member Facing Several Charges

On May 17, 2019, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office released a tweet stating that Patrick Spikes, a former Walt Disney World Cast Member, had been arrested on charges of burglary, grand theft, and dealing in stolen property.

The investigation, spearheaded by Sector 6 detectives, had been ongoing for months. Spikes had entered a restricted area of Disney, stolen over $7,000 in items from The Haunted Mansion attraction, and resold them. His arrest warrant also detailed facts behind the missing Buzzy animatronic, as well as the animatronic’s missing clothes, which were also sold off, reportedly for $8,000.

A new video by WKMG News 6 shows new images released by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, including scenes from inside the police department when he was taken in for questioning:

While Spikes has not been charged as part of the Buzzy animatronic incident, while under investigation for the Magic Kingdom thefts, he attempted to snatch his cellphone––which was packed with photos of the stolen items––from the authorities, and was quickly tackled to the ground and subsequently arrested.

One series of photos shows a pink, two-piece costume, possibly taken from an audio animatronic character, labeled, A.A. Magic Kingdom Haunted Mansion. Other photos show a woman, identified as a friend of Spikes, wearing the costume.

Other images include various wigs and dresses from animatronics, plus a crown, as well as shots from backstage scenes. Sheriff’s officials said Spikes used his Disney employee ID to get into Magic Kingdom on July 31, 2018. He was then caught taking a photo in a restricted utility area.

Since the investigation, out of the numerous Haunted Mansion animatronic costumes stolen and subsequently sold, only the dress has since been recovered, but those who purchased the items are cooperating with the ongoing investigation, turning over even more illicitly obtained park props.

Patrick Spikes has pleaded not guilty on all charges and was bonded out of Orange County Jail after his arrest.

For a full copy of his arrest warrant, which lists further details on the various cases, click here.

Source: WKMG News 6

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