PHOTOS: Construction Walls, Rolling Hedge Barriers Erected Near Imagination Pavilion at EPCOT

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Today, we noticed these construction walls near the Imagination Pavilion, spanning over from The Land Pavilion. It’s hard to tell what exactly the construction walls are trying to cover, as there doesn’t seem to be much activity visible beyond the walls.

Next to the construction walls, these water features, which are usually full of, ya know… water, have been bone dry for several days.

To the left of the Imagination Pavilion, there is a large wall of rolling hedge barriers blocking the view of what looks to be the start of a new planter:

We’ve tracked progress on the planter so far, with the wooden forms now removed and new concrete on the interior walls.

It certainly seems that these three changes in the landscape are related, as they all appeared around the same time in the same area. While nothing is specifically planned for this area, the walls could be hiding future changes in infrastructure as work revvs up for all the upcoming additions, like the Festival Center and Journey of Water.

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