Former Disney Cast Member Arrested For Stealing Over $7,000 in Animatronic Costumes From The Haunted Mansion

Just last night, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office released a tweet stating that Patrick Spikes had been arrested on charges of burglary, grand theft, and dealing in stolen property.

Spikes, a former Walt Disney World Cast Member, had entered a restricted area of Disney, stolen over $7,000 in items, and resold them. It appears that the investigation has been ongoing for months as Sector 6 detectives tirelessly investigated the unfurling case.

Copies of the arrest warrant soon began circling throughout social media, with details of the stolen items revealed to be various costumes, wigs, and a tiara from animatronics in the Haunted Mansion’s famous ballroom scene.

Also detailed in the warrant are statements from those who purchased these and other stolen items from Patrick Spikes. They claimed that Spikes represented the items as coming from his own personal collection, and that they were supposedly obtained from Disney with permission.

The arrest warrant also details facts behind the missing Buzzy animatronic, as well as the animatronic’s missing clothes, which appear to have also been sold off, reportedly for $8,000. We’ve included the remainder of the arrest warrant, which lists further details on the various cases:

Of the Haunted Mansion animatronic costumes stolen and subsequently sold, only the dress has since been recovered, but those who purchased the items are cooperating with the ongoing investigation, turning over even more illicitly obtained park props, and more.

We’ll keep you updated as the authorities post more on the status of the case.

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