PHOTOS: Planter Erected for New Liberty Square Market Seating Area at the Magic Kingdom

From just walking around Liberty Square, you would have no idea what was going on behind this scrim. For now, this area is just being used as Stroller Parking, but after some sleuthing around the area, I found just the thing I was looking for.

liberty square

Peering down from up above Columbia Harbor House, the first thing we noticed is that the new seating area is basically a kiddie pool after the rainstorms from earlier in the day, however, after you get over that part you can see that this area has really come a long way.

liberty square

The center seems to point towards some sort of fountain being installed, which would be a nice addition, however, it may be the base for a large planter, similar to what was there before the demolition. The brickwork that surrounds the perimeter also seems to fully line the seating area now, a big difference from our last visit.

We also spotted some sections coming off the center, which seem to be getting cement laid down soon. Perhaps this means the other parts of the area will have different groundwork, since these segments seem to be sectioned off separately.

Like we mentioned in our last update, there seems to be wiring sticking up through the ends of the brick columns. Most likely pointing towards lighting being added to the area.

liberty square

We stopped back in after the rains had clear for a better, drier view of the current work taking place:

Things seem to be moving along nicely over in this area, sadly though, we still have a long way to go before you can sit down and enjoy your hot dogs and turkey legs.

Don’t forget to check back soon though to see our latest update on this area!

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Walt Disney World Security.
Walt Disney World Security.
1 year ago

Look at Tom standing on trash cans again. Have some dignity man.

Tom Corless
1 year ago

I had to stack 8 of them.