PHOTOS: Latest Construction Update on Liberty Square Market Seating Area in the Magic Kingdom

If you were planning to grab a turkey leg or a pickle from the Liberty Square Market anytime soon, you’re going to have to find somewhere else to eat it, for now. After having been fully demolished some weeks ago, work continues on the seating area adjacent to Liberty Square Market, but thanks to specific vantage points throughout Liberty Square, we can at least check on its progress.

From an overall view, we can see that they’ve narrowed the seating and dining area somewhat. Consider this another stealthy pathway widening project, as by bringing in the seating area, they’ll be freeing up more space on the opposite walkway. A set of short brick walls marks the perimeter of the new seating area.

There are various pallets of orange brick and sacks of concrete ready to mix.

There’s wiring sticking out of those columns, which is a sure sign there’ll be some kind of fixtures installed at the ends of each set of column-bookended walls.

For now, all we have surrounding the Liberty Square Market is stroller parking, but we’ll keep you updated on the status of seating area renovations.