PHOTOS: The Living Seas Pavilion Logo Returns on Sleek New Directional Signage Inside The Seas at Epcot

You could say there’s a deluge of changes going on at Epcot currently, and over at Future World West, small details are being added, like new paint over the Inventor’s Circle. What’s more exciting, though, is the return of The Living Seas Pavilion logo to The Seas.

The logo has made its grand return to The Seas by way of new wayfinding signage at the ground floor of SeaBase Alpha. The sign is simply titled “The Seas Directory” and lists the various marine life located on both the upper and lower levels of the pavilion, with Sea Turtles, Sharks & Rays, and Dolphins available to view on the upper level decks, and the lower level offering a view of the Manatees and assorted Ocean Life, as well as the Turtle Talk with Crush attraction.

The sign features a clear body with a blue light shining through it. It’s also interesting to note that the sign features the latest font used in the new Epcot logo. Most importantly, it’s the first appearance of The Living Seas logo since the pavilion was re-themed to The Seas with Nemo & Friends in 2006. Disney hinted at the return of the famed Epcot logos in leading up to this year’s D23 Expo, with a full reveal of logos old and new displayed in the “Imagining Tomorrow, Today” exhibit. It appears they’re trying to appeal to both facets of Epcot guests: both general visitors and hardcore Epcot fans alike.

Iconic to The Living Seas Pavilion, this 20 passenger capsule elevator took guests on a 30-second trip to the ocean floor where they experienced water rushing by as electronic indicators measured the progress of their decent while the floor beneath them was shaking.

Now, if only we could get the original Hydrolators back, as seen here with the original pavilion logo. Try to imagine, just for a moment, a future of amazing technological creativity… instead of shoehorned intellectual property.

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