PHOTOS, VIDEO: New Enchanted Rose “Beauty and The Beast” Themed Bar and Lounge Opens at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa


Enchanted Rose entrance sign

PHOTOS, VIDEO: New Enchanted Rose “Beauty and The Beast” Themed Bar and Lounge Opens at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa


Enchanted Rose entrance sign

PHOTOS, VIDEO: New Enchanted Rose “Beauty and The Beast” Themed Bar and Lounge Opens at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

With hardly any fanfare, the new Enchanted Rose Lounge opened today at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa! This bar and lounge space, which we announced would be replacing Mizner’s Lounge and Commander Porter’s shop on the second floor back in September, has plenty of great details to explore – so please, be our guest on this grand tour of the castle!

Main Entrance

The sitting area outside Enchanted Rose Lounge
Before we even step foot inside, there’s a new sitting area just outside the lounge.
Enchanted Rose entrance sign
Front and center at the entrance is this beautiful sign…
Enchanted Rose hours - 1pm to midnight
…along with the lounge hours. Note that although the lounge is open 1pm to midnight, the food portion of the menu is only available from 5-10:30pm.
Let’s start by heading to the bar area on the right…
…which has you walk past this fun looking piece of art, holding some roses (of course).


Bar Area

The first thing you’ll notice upon entering the bar is the chandelier, inspired by Belle’s dress:

enchantedRoseBar 5
I’ll be honest, it looks more like an anemone to me…
enchantedRoseBar 2
They, of course, have a well-stocked bar here for you to enjoy.
enchantedRoseBar 7
As well as some great on-theme artwork to hang on the walls!
enchantedRoseBar 1
If you make a hard right when you enter the bar though, it leads into another section of the lounge…

The Forest


…but with this GORGEOUS mural going behind the booth seats!
forestToPatio 1
But if you’re stuck in the booth, don’t worry – you get a great view of the porch there.


Yep, that’s right, there’s outdoor seating here too!

enchantedRosePorch 1

enchantedRosePorch 3

enchantedRosePorch 4

Now, let’s double back all the way to the entrance, and head left instead of right to head into…

The Library


This space is a bit quieter than the rest of the lounge, with more breathing room between tables.


It also has some of the best details in the entire space.


Along the back wall is this awesome fireplace (but with candles? A candleplace?), along with many wine fridges – the library specializes in wines, but will serve the full menu.


The top of the candle-place has some great details on it – including the restaurant’s namesake rose under glass.

I mean, how could you NOT have this.


On either end of the room are bookshelves, featuring more terrific artwork, along with some great details referencing the live-action film.



Bonjour, Lumiere!


On the other end of the library is another bookshelf, with more details to be found.





And that concludes the grand tour! But before we go, let’s take a quick look at…

The Menu


And look at that coaster! They did a great job giving it that stained glass look.

I’ll take 6 please!

enchantedRoseFoodMenu 2

The food section of the menu isn’t very long – but that is to be expected, as this is a lounge, not a restaurant. The drinks, however…

enchantedRoseDrinkMenu 8 enchantedRoseDrinkMenu 2 enchantedRoseDrinkMenu 3 enchantedRoseDrinkMenu 4 enchantedRoseDrinkMenu 5 enchantedRoseDrinkMenu 6 enchantedRoseDrinkMenu 7

That about does it! But do make sure you relax, pull up a chair, and enjoy our full tour of Enchanted Rose in the video below:

Enjoy your time here, and bon appetit!

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5 thoughts on “PHOTOS, VIDEO: New Enchanted Rose “Beauty and The Beast” Themed Bar and Lounge Opens at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa”

  1. That looks quite nice. From the previous artwork released, I had thought the golden thing above the bar was a huge rose (albeit upside down); it makes sense that it’s inspired by Belle’s dress. Looking forward to a food review sometime soon from whomever lounges and snacks there.

  2. Looks nice, except for the ugly yellow chandelier. The details in the Library section are particularly lovely, but the whole thing is out of sync with the Grand Floridian theme. It would have been more appropriate in the Riviera resort.

  3. Still don’t think this fits with the Grand Floridian at all. Would have done better at the Riviera Resort, where the French inspiration would work with the general theming.

  4. The out door furniture and lounge furniture (couches, coffee table, etc) just don’t belong in this place. They have the feel as if they were picked up at a yard sale. Definitely not Grand Floridian standards. Not sure why they thought these floral patterns would match anywhere in this space. Not a fan of the forest since they needed to create some more private space but instead everyone crammed on one side and side by side with a huge empty aisle and two sitting areas.

  5. Wowsers! $25 for an Old Fashion? My hubby and I say “No Thanks.” We’ll stick to Tambu Lounge or Abracadabar.

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