PHOTOS: New Concrete Forms in Place for Reimagined World Celebration Entrance Gardens at EPCOT

Welcome to Epcot. At least, I think it’s Epcot. Things have been looking a bit different around here lately with so many changes happening around the park. Thankfully, there’s a bright and colorful sign on the construction walls at the entrance to assure you that you are, in fact, at EPCOT. We’re more interested in what’s happening behind those walls rather than what’s in front of it. Let’s take a little ride on the monorail and see what’s happening since our last visit.

The Leave A Legacy monoliths are long gone, and the walls even wrap around the former center entrance photo op and topiary area.

You can see a tiny patch of green grass in the center. Otherwise, it’s almost unrecognizable. The ground is torn up, and there is one small section of pavement intact. There’s a lot of dirt, and not even a trace of the monoliths left behind now. Over on the bottom left, you can see that outlines are being laid out for concrete forms to hold new planters. This entrance area will be part of the World Celebration gardens as part of the newly reimagined EPCOT.

There are barricades set up in certain areas, seemingly to protect some underground piping.

The stones have been completely removed from the entrance fountain and we can see what looks like painters tape or marking tape strategically placed throughout.

The new fountain will draw inspiration from the original lucite fountain that used to be at the entrance to the park when it first opened.

With all these changes coming to Epcot, be sure you stay tuned to WDWNT for all the latest updates. Let us know in the comments how you feel about all these changes taking place at Epcot.