PHOTOS: Work on Reimagined Entrance Fountain Continues, Leave A Legacy Concrete Bases Excavated To Make Way For World Celebration Gardens at Epcot

We’re back at the entrance to Epcot… or should I say, World Celebration? With the integration of three new “neighborhood” concepts to the areas surrounding Spaceship Earth (as announced during this weekend’s D23 Expo), work around the area is starting to make more and more sense as we match up what’s happening on the ground with what’s shown in the concept art.

Walls recently went up around the stone version of Epcot’s entrance fountain, with chunks of rock being removed in stages. Upon checking the area today for construction progress, it seems they’ve finished removing all of the rocks from the fountain, and are starting to overlay the new one right on top, almost like a retro retrofit.

As previewed first by us in our Project Gamma fountain post back from July, the new version of the fountain will harken back to the original lucite fountain that had originally graced Epcot’s entrance…

As for the divisive Leave A Legacy monoliths, you can say the park has officially been exorcised of those demons:

Gone are all of the remaining monoliths, however, the floor lights and concrete bases are also gone. Actually, if you look over to the right, you’ll notice that they’re uprooting the entire concrete ground.

They may be resurfacing the ground to start completely anew in this area and re-pave ahead of the reimagined new entrance.

If you look at the concept art that was released this past weekend also, you’ll notice that both sides of the entrance where the Leave A Legacy monoliths were will be replaced with gardens and green spaces for guests to convene and take in the wondrous splendor of Spaceship Earth.

World Celebration will also feature breathtaking views at Dreamers Point, lush gardens, a wishing tree, an interactive new fountain and a new statue celebrating the legacy of the original dreamer, Walt Disney.

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