PHOTOS: Leave A Legacy Construction Walls Extended Around Entrance Fountain at Epcot

It’s the end of the Epcot entrance as we know it. As was previously announced, construction walls went up around a section of Leave A Legacy monoliths late on August 5th, with guests arriving at Epcot the morning of August 6th welcomed by a series of planters and walls. Today, it seems the walls were extended to wrap around the existing fountain in the middle.

Another perspective, just with rain.

Walls now span all the way out and across the area.

Fencing is up by the hedges, all the way up to where the Wheelchair and Stroller Rental is, around the corner from Gateway Gifts.

It also seems that all of the remaining Leave A Legacy monoliths have been contained by construction walls. Previously a few were still left out.

Peering into the construction space, you can see what a large area is now behind walls. Thankfully, there’s plenty of space for guests to flow in and out of the park over on the side where the other monoliths were removed earlier.

These walls are set to stay in place through Fall 2019, with work on the re-imagined entrance following the removal of the monoliths.

While this fountain was not nearly as iconic as, say, the Fountain of Nations, it nevertheless played a role in welcoming guests to Epcot in tandem with Leave A Legacy and Spaceship Earth. The ironic part is, this stone fountain replaced the original lucite fountain that had originally graced Epcot’s entrance…

But thanks to Project Gamma, we’re going back in time, having this fountain replaced with one that looks very much like the original one from EPCOT Center:

You can check out concept art, fixture designs, and more pertaining to entrance enhancements at Epcot by clicking here. For a full scope on Project Gamma, including upcoming closures at Epcot, click here. Stay tuned for all the latest updates surrounding the Leave A Legacy transition, fountain construction, and more!