PHOTOS: Latest Construction Update on Magic Kingdom Arrival Experience Enhancements and Grand Floridian Pedestrian Bridge 10/31/19

We’ve been updating you on the progress around the entrance of the Magic Kingdom since construction first started. While it may not look like much is happening from the ground, when we take the monorail, we can get a glimpse into some of the action taking place on the other side of the walls. Let’s take a little look at some of the changes since our last update.

The pavement that was recently poured appears to be getting extended, and we can see wooden concrete forms in place for additional sections.

The other side is still a bit of a mess and not quite ready for new pavement, but is used as a staging area of sorts for additional construction supplies.

The new structure is expanding and is visible just over the construction scrims. This will most likely be a permanent security screening checkpoint for guests coming to the park by bus.

Over near the monorail entrance, there is work taking place on the boat docks. Construction is happening around the new Gold boat dock and it seems like the patch of land is being leveled for expanding. There’s a lot of dirt and machinery over there right now, but we’ll be watching for any changes.

We’re eagerly awaiting the installation of the new bridge that will connect the walkway from the Magic Kingdom to the Grand Floridian and Polynesian Resorts. There are many large pieces of equipment around that will be added to this movable swing arm bridge over the canal.

We’ll continue to update you on these exciting enhancements around the entrance of the Magic Kingdom, so be sure to keep following for more updates.

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2 years ago

These projects look like they’re several months away from completion. With so many projects on property, there’s not a lot of manpower available for some of them, so they’re bound to move slowly.