PHOTOS: Mickey and Minnie’s Houses From Mickey’s Toontown and Disneyland Fire Department Featured in New Ornaments at Walt Disney World

If you grew up as a fan of Mickey’s Toontown at Walt Disney World like I did when I was younger, and stopping by was a highlight of your vacation, you’ll want to check out these latest ornaments! At Disney’s Days of Christmas store at Disney Springs, the iconic buildings of Toontown have been turned into ornaments to fit right at home on your Christmas tree!

Mickey and Minnie's Houses From Mickey's Toonwtown and Disneyland Fire House Featured in New Ornaments at Walt Disney World

We spotted these earlier this week in Disneyland at the Castle Holiday Shoppe and we’re glad to see they’ve made their way to Walt Disney World, with a new edition to the collection!

Mickey Mouse’s Toontown House Ornament – $29.99

Mickey Mouse's Toontown House Ornament - $29.99

First up is Mickey’s house, capturing the cartoon like architecture that makes up Toontown in every detail.

Mickey Mouse's Toontown House Ornament - $29.99

From the curves and slightly off-kilter windows, we can see that this ornament captures that cartoon vibe from the house of the Mouse.

Mickey Mouse's Toontown House Ornament - $29.99

On the other side of the ornament features the interior of Mickey’s home. Tucked away in the top left corner of his home is a small TV, which in Mickey’s home, plays classic Mickey Mouse cartoons.

Minnie Mouse’s Toontown House Ornament – $29.99

Minnie Mouse's Toontown House Ornament - $29.99

Minnie’s house here is true to Disneyland’s Toontown house, following the same architectural styles and capturing it in an ornament.

Minnie Mouse's Toontown House Ornament - $29.99

The crookedness of the overhang and the heart-shaped windows are shown here as well.

Minnie Mouse's Toontown House Ornament - $29.99

Inside of Minnie’s house on the back side of the ornament, you can find a few classic nods to the real life house in Toontown. Most notable is her vanity that’s always lit up when you stop by. However, my personal favorite part of Minnie’s house, which is not featured here, was watching the cake bake in the kitchen, only for it to topple down again.

Disneyland Fire House Ornament – $29.99

Disneyland Fire House Ornament - $29.99

The latest addition to the Disney Park landmark ornament series is the Disneyland Fire Department. This captures the likeness of the Fire Department on Main Street at Disneyland.

Disneyland Fire House Ornament - $29.99

The backside of the ornament shows off the firehouse interior on the lower floor, with Pluto waiting by the door to greet guests. Up above shows part of the small apartment that Walt Disney himself stayed in with his family when they would need a break from the hustle and bustle of the park.

What do you think of these iconic buildings turning into ornaments? Would you like to see any other iconic Disney landmarks receive this sort of ornament treatment?

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Ed Steffen
Ed Steffen
1 year ago

I would love to see all of the Main Street buildings done as Ornaments including The Train Station.