PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 10/26/19 (FuelRod Kiosk Swapping Fees, Mickey Gingerbread and Peppermint Scented Pillows, Tomorrowland Speedway Driver’s License Booths, and More)

It’s a cool morning here at the Magic Kingdom, with a chance of rain, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad day. Every day here at Walt Disney World is exciting, and we have a busy day ahead of us. Let’s get going.

Let’s make our way down Main Street, U.S.A. and see what’s happening.

The popcorn carts are making every effort to sell their stock of Halloween popcorn buckets and many of them have multiple options available.

Casey’s Corner has opened up their side doors today and it looks so nice. We hope they continue to keep them propped open like this. It’s so much brighter and feels more open inside.

In Tomorrowland, we were outraged to discover that Fuel Rod swapping will cost $3 per swap instead of unlimited, free swaps. This is crazy.

Over at the Tomorrowland Speedway, the Driver’s License photo booths have returned, but 2 out of the 3 weren’t working.

Mickey’s Star Traders still looks about the same as last time we checked, and the pipes along the ceiling are still the old teal color.

Scented gingerbread Mickey and peppermint Mickey pillows came home with me today.

Spotted an angry Donald Duck plush on this decorative Christmas tree.

Some construction type of walls have gone around certain pillars at the entrance to Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe.

Just another day in Adventureland.

Aladdin and Jasmine stopped by to check on the camel in Adventureland. We’re not the only ones concerned by a motionless, dry camel.

This mega figurine set from The Lion King is $49.99 at Agrabah Bazaar.

A new sign is sitting in place of where the spring roll cart used to be to direct guests to its new location on the bridge.

New signage has even been added to the cart. Many guests didn’t realize a cheeseburger flavor existed since there was no mention of it anywhere, so the new sign will hopefully help.

The Emporium doesn’t have Christmas ears yet, but they do have sparkly Mickey ears, with no bow, for $29.99.

The sky is finally turning blue, so I think it might be time to get out of here. Thanks for following us around the Magic Kingdom today!

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