PHOTOS: New Disney Princess Storybook Playsets Arrive at the Magic Kingdom

Here at WDWNT, you can always catch us casually browsing the toy sections of any Disney store, and I’ll tell you right now, there’s no shame in owning multiple Animators Collection Littles playsets as a grown adult.

[Awkward silence]

Okay, now with that out of the way, we’re here to bring you the latest new playset collection to arrive at Disney Parks. If you remember Polly Pocket, these follow a similar style as these new Disney Princess Storybook Playsets close up to look like hardcover books, and open back up to reveal each Princess’ kingdom. The sets include tiny props and characters as well. Let’s dive in and check out each one.

Disney Princess Storybook Playset (Jasmine) – $19.99

Jasmine’s Storybook Playset¬†features a purple cover with lotus flowers along the corners and spine.

The playset opens up to the sultan’s palace in the middle, with the royal gardens off to one side and the Agrabah market on the other.

The set includes Rajah, Aladdin, Jasmine, a basket, the Magic Lamp, and the Magic Carpet, which is attached to the palace, so it can fly around.

Disney Princess Storybook Playset (Rapunzel) – $19.99

Rapunzel’s Storybook Playset features the Corona sun crest as well as Sun-Drop flowers along the spine of the pink-hued book.

On the back of the book, you have Rapunzel’s tower, which is also featured when you open up the book. A path leads to the town square of Corona, but there’s plenty of room on the other side for more adventures.

The set includes Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, of course, plus a chair, Pascal, and an easel for painting.

Disney Princess Storybook Playset (Ariel) – $19.99

Ariel’s Storybook Playset comes in a blue book, of course, with shells along the outer edges and middle.

On the back, you have King Triton’s Palace, the underwater stronghold of Atlantica. Once open, however, you have Prince Eric’s seaside chalet in the middle, with the beach not too far away.

This set includes lots of figures: Ariel, Prince Eric, Flounder, and Sebastian, plus a statue of Prince Eric and a rowboat.

Disney Princess Storybook Playset (Minnie) – $19.99

Minnie may not be royalty, but she definitely deserves to get in on this playset line. Her storybook features a red cover with her silhouette in the center and hearts on all the corners.

Venture into Toontown with this set, which features a quaint little bridge and a house, complete with a patio.

This playset includes Mickey and Minnie, plus some furnishings, like a table, a chair, and a vanity.

At $20, this makes a great gift, with a variety of princesses to choose from. I’m not too crazy about the “chibi” or Bratz-style design of some of the characters, but the whole storybook concept is cute and convenient for packing up all the pieces once playtime is over. You can find all four sets in Big Top Gifts at the Magic Kingdom.

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Shavaun Steele
Shavaun Steele
1 year ago

Hi, my Son loves my daughters Animations littles set that you mentioned in your post. Have you see anything like those or the story book sets pictured above geared towards boys? Thank you for any help or suggestions!

1 year ago
Reply to  Shavaun Steele

Why not get him the Aladdin one?