PHOTOS: New Disney Park Pals Collection Debuts with Little Orange Bird at the Magic Kingdom

Orange Bird fans rejoice! Our favorite little orange canary has flown over to his home in Adventureland in the form of the new Disney Parks Pals line. The line features a series of figures that can hold on to you or any of your favorite accessories! Clip Orange Bird onto your bag strap or belt loop, or even use him as an oversized pen topper. Each Disney Park Pals set includes a display stand, too! Let’s take a closer look.

Each Park Pal comes packaged on a themed card. In this case, Orange Bird is perched (if not climbing) a palm tree, probably from the nearby Enchanted Tiki Room.

The display stand is included in the package, on the back. As you can see, each Disney Park Pal set (or at least this one) costs $11.99.

We couldn’t help ourselves and decided to open it up and build the display stand. The castle turret snaps into the Disney Park Pals base, and then you can clip the figure onto it.

Orange Bird’s leafy hands are placed tightly together so you can clip him onto places.

You can turn his head to suit whatever position he’s facing, though.

Cute little Orange Bird butt.

Okay, now we’re parkhopping in style.

If you need an Orange Bird, you can find him in Agrabah Baazar in the Magic Kingdom. Will you be heading on over for a Disney Park Pal of your own? We can’t wait to see which other characters are released!

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1 year ago

He will be mine! Oh yes! He will be mine! Hopefully they’ll still have them in a few weeks. I still can’t forgive the park for moving him from the original Sunshine terrace by Tiki room!