PHOTOS: New Disney Parks Exclusive Castle Key Charm and Necklace by Pandora Jewelry Arrive at Walt Disney World

If you’re a fan of Pandora jewelry, you’ve probably noticed there have been a lot of new pieces released lately, many of them being Disney Parks exclusives. While visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we came across a new set of keys, available in a charm or as a necklace. Let’s take a better look at these new park exclusives!

The necklace is available for $140, and features a Mickey-shaped key handle and a cute little castle in place of the teeth at the tip of the key. The chain is threaded through the ears at the top. It falls very low because the chain is extremely long, so you may end up seeking out an alternative chain depending on your preference.

The key charm is $70 and designed for a bracelet, but you could probably put a chain through this and wear it as a necklace, too. It was incredibly difficult to even make out any of the detailing on this one, but there is a castle in the center, and a small Mickey shape for the teeth of the key. The top part of the charm that goes on the bracelet is a rose gold color with jeweled accents, and the rest of the key is silver. It’s cute, but the details get lost.

These are park exclusive, so they’re sure to be a special addition to your collection. We found them at Discovery Trading Co. at Animal Kingdom, but they should be available across the parks and resorts wherever Pandora jewelry is sold.


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