PHOTOS: New Haunted Mansion Attic and Seance Scene Dioramas Materialize at Memento Mori in the Magic Kingdom

Since we’re all adults now, we don’t play with playsets… we play with dioramas. Satisfy your need to “Come out and socialize!” with the two new Haunted Mansion diorama sets, now available at Memento Mori in the Magic Kingdom. These had previously materialized at Disneyland earlier, but are now over on the East Coast. Check them out below!

There are two diorama sets available: Madame Leota’s Seance Circle and the Attic scene, featuring Constance Hatchaway, the bride.

Attic Scene Haunted Mansion Diorama – $24.99

The attic scene set includes 32 pieces, from a chaise lounge covered in tiger fur, to artwork and a tea set, and of course, Constance Hatchaway (with her axe.) Being the bride she is, there’s also a wedding cake, some hat boxes, and a lamp.

All of the pieces in the set go inside a buildable diorama scene.

Seance Circle Scene Haunted Mansion Diorama – $24.99

The Seance Circle includes Madame Leota in a Crystal Ball, a chair with a raven, a spellbook, and a candle as well.

The walls of the scene include the floating music instruments seen in the attraction.

Each diorama set retails for $24.99. Will you be materializing at the Magic Kingdom to pick up a set? Show us your completed dioramas by tagging us on social media!


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