PHOTOS: New Holiday Spirit Jerseys, Christmas Crocs, Toy Trains, and More Bring Holiday Cheer to Disneyland Resort

The festive season is slowly but surely arriving at the Disney Parks with new holiday merchandise appearing almost daily and the Candlelight Processional narrators being announced. The Disneyland Resort brought a huge helping of holiday cheer to one of our reporters today when they spotted the new merchandise that appeared this morning. Check it out below.

It’s A Small World Musical Nutcrackers – $99.99

It's A Small World Christmas Musical Nutcracker

These three adorable Christmas soldiers will fit perfectly in your home for the holiday season and are even musically inclined.

Chip and Dale Nutcrackers – $54.99 each

Chip Nutcracker

Bring some mischief into the holidays with these adorable Chip and Dale nutcrackers. The two chipmunks have their own knitted scarf and have their name carved into the tree stump that they stand on.

Dale Nutcracker

Mickey’s Main Street Tree Farm Flannel – $59.99

Mickey flannel holiday merchandise

Image from iOS 21

Featuring Mickey with his freshly-cut pine tree and “Mickey’s Main Street Tree Farm” emblazoned in the top right corner, this lumberjack-esque flannel shirt is sure to be a hit.

Image from iOS 23

A larger version of the design is on the back of the shirt.

Kid’s Chip and Dale Hoodie – $29.99

Image from iOS 24

This hoodie is perfect for your own adorable prankster! The design has Chip and Dale ready to start a snowball fight on along with the words “on the naughty list”, be sure to put in a good word for Santa after they wear this one…

Adults Disneyland 2019 “We Bring The Merry” Hoodie – $49.99

Image from iOS 64

Image from iOS 63

This hoodie looks like the perfect one to wrap up in on the upcoming chilly nights. The back has Mickey and all of his friends decorating a Christmas tree and a Disneyland 2019 design is on the front of the hoodie in the top right corner.

Adults Chip and Dale T-Shirt – $24.99

Image from iOS 26

Another item that makes Santa’s life that tiny bit easier when he’s checking his list. This adult t-shirt features Chip and Dale amidst a snowball fight (incoming Dale!) with the words “on the naughty list” in the center.

Adult’s “Tis The Season” T-Shirt – $24.99

Image from iOS 65

This light green t-shirt certainly is jolly, with Mickey himself in his signature pose wearing a Santa hat and snowflakes falling all around, this is a go-to tee to wear when you’re feeling in the holiday spirit.

Adult’s Holiday Magic T-Shirt – $24.99

Image from iOS 67 1With Mickey and all his friends decorating a Christmas tree on a red background, this t-shirt certainly screams Christmas and festivities.


Infant’s Two-Piece Sleigh Flannel Set – $24.99

Image from iOS 30

This two-piece pajama set will be the perfect set to snuggle up in this Christmas Eve. Mickey and Pluto have set out on their very own sleigh in their Christmas get-up to bring home a freshly-cut pine tree, I’m sure Minnie will have the hot cocoa ready for when they arrive home.

Infant’s Romper Set – $29.99

Image from iOS 33

This set comes with two different rompers to choose from for your little one. The grey one has Mickey dressed up in festive attire in his signature pose and Disneyland Resort printed under him.

Image from iOS 34

The red romper has a pattern of Disney favorites and Christmas icons and comes with a matching hat to keep away those winter chills.


Pet’s Spirit Jersey – $36.99

Image from iOS 31

No member of the family is left out- even your pets can join in on the holiday cheer with their very own festive spirit jersey.

Peppermint Candy Scented Plush – $26.99

Image from iOS 35

How could we not have a new scented plush for the holiday season?! Snuggle up and have the sweetest dreams with this Mickey peppermint plush.

Toy Story Light-Up Mickey Ears – $20

Image from iOS 68

Woody, Buzz and the little green men want in on this year’s festivities! Each ear has Woody and Buzz in baubles and a little green man staring up at them in awe.

Mickey Mouse Noel Stocking – $34.99

Image from iOS 38

This stocking certainly brings the festive spirit! Mickey is on a flannel base and a white knitted top with a button, with the word noel knitted to his right. The ‘o’ in noel has been replaced with a red bauble with a Sleeping Beauty castle silhouette.

Snowman Cap – $34.99

Image from iOS 39

Want to show your love of Disney and Christmas in one cap? Then this is for you! This adorable snowman cap is wearing a Mickey Mouse hat and a festive flannel scarf.

Kid’s “I’m Just Here For The Holiday Snacks” T-Shirt – $19.99

Image from iOS 41

Let’s be real, one of the best things about the holidays IS the snacks, so why not shout your love from the rooftops?! This kid’s t-shirt has classic holiday snacks from Gingerbread to hot cocoa surrounding the text “I’m just here for the holiday snacks!”

Adult’s “Oh Snap” Mickey Gingerbread T-Shirt – $24.99

Image from iOS 40

This grey t-shirt with a gingerbread Mickey with a broken leg brings some humor to the holiday merchandise and perfectly sums up how we feel when we forget to defrost the turkey.

Men’s Fleece-Lined Zip-Up Onesie Pajamas With Ears – $69.99

Image from iOS 43

Snacks and fleeced onesies are a must for the festive season, so why not combine these for us to snuggle up in front of the fireplace?

Women’s Fleece-Lined Zip-Up Onesie Pajamas With Ears – $69.99

Image from iOS 44

Mickey Hair Ties – $9.99

Image from iOS 42

You can bring holiday cheer to every accessory this season with these peppermint-esque hair ties. They also double up as a great stocking filler!

Youth Holiday Spirit Jersey – $44.99

Image from iOS 46

This festive spirit jersey has multiple Christmas Disney snacks on, including a Snowman caramel apple, Mickey peppermints and Mickey and Minnie gingerbread men.

Image from iOS 45

The Disneyland Resort text on the back represents decorated sugar cookies and yes, we are drooling.

Adult’s Holiday Spirit Jersey – $64.99

Image from iOS 47

Image from iOS 48 2

Of course, the adults are left out and get their own matching version of the spirit jersey!

Christmas Train Set – $139.99

Image from iOS 16

What Christmas would be complete without a train set? This festive locomotive comes with 30 pieces and is definitely decked out!


Image from iOS 3 1

A train that has a car with an ice-rink?! Sign us up.

Image from iOS 4 5

Image from iOS 5 4

Happy Merry Joy Tinsel Sweater – $49.99

Image from iOS 8 3

This tasteful black sweater comes with the words “Merry, Happy, Joy” in a tinsel material.

Ho Ho Ho! Pajama Pants – $39.99

Image from iOS 12 2

Minnie Mouse even brings style to pajama pants. These bottoms have Minnie on herself and Christmas icons such as candy canes, Christmas trees and stockings.

Reversible Minnie Mouse Sequin Sweatshirt – $54.99

Image from iOS 13 2

This red sweater adorns a reversible sequin Minnie Mouse with a peppermint bow with Disneyland embroidered underneath. This Christmas jumpers definitely brings a certain amount of class not usually seen in festive attire and we love it.

Light-Up Ugly Sweaters – $64.99

Image from iOS 7 3

Snowmen? Check. Candy canes? Check. Holly? Check! These sweaters have it all and even light up! Choose from two different colors, red and black, and spread the Christmas cheer far and wide.

Image from iOS 6 3

Fleece-Lined Mickey Wreath Christmas Crocs – $54.99

Image from iOS 10 2

Image from iOS 11 2

We’re not sure that Crocs and Christmas really go together but we’re not complaining. These fleeced shoes adorned with a Mickey wreath button and festive decor will keep your feet warm on Christmas morning.

What do you think of the holiday merchandise this year? Will you be picking any up? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I got those chip and dale nutcrackers a few years ago. They are awesome. I keep hoping they will do a new character like Pluto. It hasn’t happened yet. They are a much higher quality than other nutcrackers sold at the park. Guess it won’t happen this year.

  2. I WANT A BUNCH OF IT, but alas will not be in the parks to get any. Just came back from food and wine fest where it was all about Halloween :(

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