There's a new LEGO minifigure factory in Disney Springs

PHOTOS: New LEGO MiniFigure Factory Allows You to Customize Your Own LEGO Figures at Disney Springs

If you’ve ever played with LEGOs, then you’re probably familiar with the tiny little figures. Disney Springs LEGO Store has added a Mini Figure Factory that allows your to personalize and customize your very own LEGO figure to take home. We didn’t realize how much fun this was going to be. Check out how we made MiniFig Annie.

The MiniFig Factory is located in the center of the store, but you’ll need to stop at a register and purchase one for $11.99.

Once you’ve made your purchase, you’ll be given this nice little box. I actually thought the box had a figure inside, but it’s empty.

The box is designed to display your creation when it’s finished, but first we have to design our MiniFigure.

When you go up to the kiosk, you’ll see a little orange rectangle where you’ll place the box you’ve already purchased.

You’ll be prompted to type in a name or make some sort of label for your brick.

Now we’re ready to start designing our own custom figure. There is a variety to choose from and you can scroll through and make a selection from here, or add your own text and colors.

At the top, you can choose from pre-designed clothing, painting, stamps, and text.

You can change the font color, style, and positioning on the shirt.

You can even mix and match them.

If you start something you don’t like, you can trash it and start fresh or use the eraser, but there is no way to undo the last action.

You can also change the size of your brush lines to fill in larger areas quickly or to make smaller details.

There’s a 180 button to turn your figure around and decorate the back, too.

Decided to add a little decoration.

You can check out your final design, back and front, before you send it off to be printed.

LEGO bodies and bricks ready to be printed! They said we’d need to wait about 15 minutes, but this is the perfect amount of time to go pick out your head, legs, and other accessories.

There are so many things to choose from. I was very tempted to have a pumpkin head, but I opted for something else. They don’t have enough red hair options, just saying.

It’s finished and it’s so cute!

That’s me. Big hat, snacks, and tacky fashion.

My MiniFig, looking at the blonde hair and dog accessories, wishing they were red hair and cats.

That was really easy, and relatively inexpensive for a unique, one-of-a-kind souvenir. It was a lot of fun designing this one, and actually made me want to come back and create an army of MiniFigs. If you’re going to be making one of these, plan to spend at least 30 minutes from start to finish. Due to a limited number of kiosks, you may have to wait a few minutes in line, so factor that in as well.

Will you be stopping into Disney Springs to design one for yourself?

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