PHOTOS: New Limited Release Mickey and Minnie Christmas MagicBand Arrives at Walt Disney World

We know that the holidays have been taking over the theme parks at Walt Disney World, but we were surprised to find a little Christmas cheer tucked away inside a resort gift shop.

New Limited Release Open Edition Christmas MagicBand Sleighs in Walt Disney World

Spotted in Sport Goofy at Disney’s All Star Sports Resort, we saw a little bit of Christmas hidden away amongst the gifts and sundries.

Christmas Limited Release Open Edition MagicBand – $29.99

Christmas Limited Release Open Edition MagicBand - $29.99

This brand new, forest green MagicBand features Mickey and Minnie admiring the latest Christmas decorations with a warm cup of cocoa.

Christmas Limited Release Open Edition MagicBand - $29.99

A strand of red lights surround the center puck of the MagicBand, and separates the two scenes.

Christmas Limited Release Open Edition MagicBand - $29.99

On the bottom half, we have Mickey and Minnie, all cozy and warm as they look on at the decorations on the other side of the band. With a cup of hot chocolate in hand and bundled up with scarves, the couple look positively full of holiday cheer.

Christmas Limited Release Open Edition MagicBand - $29.99

On the other side, we see the Castle looking a bit more rustic with the red barn doors. It’s decorated with a wreath and star on top, as well as a reindeer weather vane on the top tower. Snowflakes flutter about as well on this half of the design.

This Christmas design is all a part of the new holiday cheer line that we’ve spotted around Walt Disney World and Disneyland, with a more rustic feel with all the flannel. It seems like Disney is finally picking up on the red truck and tree farm theme that took over the holidays last year.

What do you think of this latest holiday MagicBand? If you’re heading down for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and are looking for a holiday MagicBand to have before you arrive, you may be interested in checking out the Holiday Park Snack MagicBand that’s also available now as part of the Build-A-Band upgrade.