PHOTOS: New “Mousercise” Merchandise Dances Into World of Disney at Disneyland Resort

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All around Disney Parks, we seem to be stuck in nostalgia lately with the latest merchandise. From the latest “Epcot Forever” merchandise giving us 80’s vibes, we now seem to have the resurgence of jazzercise, er, “mousercise,” to be correct.

New "Mousecercise" Merchandise Dances In at World of Disney at Disneyland

New "Mousecercise" Merchandise Dances In at World of Disney at Disneyland

New "Mousecercise" Merchandise Dances In at World of Disney at Disneyland

We spotted these radical outfits at World of Disney in Disneyland and had to dance our way over to get a better look!

Mickey and Minnie Mousercise Shirt – $34.99

Mickey and Minnie Mousercise Shirt - $34.99

This light grey shirt features Mickey and Minnie dancing their way through this workout in cute 80’s tracksuits and workout gear, complete with legwarmers!

“Keep Your Body Moving” Minnie Sweatshirt – $49.99

"Keep Your Body Moving" Minnie Sweatshirt - $49.99

Minnie gives everyone a little bit of work out motivation here with “keep your body moving” printed in ombre colors at the top. The bottom band of this sweatshirt is elastic and features “Mousercise” printed on it.

Boom Box Hip Bag – $26.99

Boom Box Hip Bag - $26.99

Boom Box Hip Bag - $26.99

Boom Box Hip Bag - $26.99

This boom box hip bag is perfect for storing all of your legwarmers, mix tapes, and headbands so when you’re ready to start your mousercise session, you’re prepared with the essentials! This metallic hip bag is sure to stand out and the checkered adjustable strap brings us right back to a simpler time.

Mousercise Leggings – $39.99

Mousercise Leggings - $39.99

These leggings feature the gang amidst this colorful pattern all grooving to the music! Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy can all be seen here in their own colorful workout gear. The waistband of these pants feature the same elastic band with Mousercise printed on it, just like the sweatshirt does.

Mousercise Tank Top – $29.99

Mousercise Tank Top - $29.99 

This tank would pair swell with the leggings shown just before, and features the gang again in their same poses as on the leggings.

Featured on the mannequin were two scrunchies and hair bands, featuring the vibrant colors and patterns as the rest of the series, but we didn’t happen to see them out for sale just yet.

Will you be dancing your way in to pick up the latest workout gear for your own Mousercise session? Keep an eye out for the next trend that Disney will be coming back with!

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2 years ago

I really want the “get your body moving” sweatshirt… but can’t find it online.

How can I get this??