PHOTOS: New Open Edition Moana MagicBand Sails Into Walt Disney World

We’ve been finding lots of amazingly new MagicBands at Walt Disney World recently. Did you know you can have more than one MagicBand connected to your account? This allows you to have multiple bands with out any hassle. A new open edition MagicBand is now available featuring our favorite island heroine. Lets head into the parks and check it out.

The light aqua band is perfect for any wayfinder. You’ll see some tropical designs in dark aqua colors across the band.

On one side of the band, you’ll find Hei-Hei.

On the other side, you’ll find Moana with the saying, “Set Your Own Course”.

This is a really nice band. The colors are perfect as it looks like the ocean water. As we stated, this is an open edition band, easily found throughout property compared to “limited edition”, which is a limited number of bands available or sold for a limited time.

This new band will cost you $24.99, and was found at The Emporium in The Magic Kingdom. Will you be setting sail to find this band for your collection?