PHOTOS: New World Showcase Mickey and Minnie Plush From Italy, France, and Germany Arrive at EPCOT

Bon jour! Buongiorno! Guten tag! It’s a good day for World Showcase plush at Epcot, with three new additions to the existing line of international Mickey, Minnie, and Donalds all dressed up to match their pavilion. So far, we’ve seen Mexico Donald, Norway Minnie, and Canada Mickey. Now we have two Mickeys; one from France and one from Italy, plus a dirndl-clad Germany Minnie. Let’s take a closer look!

International squad goals.

We found all three at MouseGear.

Mickey Mouse France Plush – $29.99

Mickey, croissant in hand: “Riiise and shiine!”

Mickey’s seen wearing a bright blue velvet beret, red silk neck scarf, and a striped white and blue shirt with the French flag embroidered on it. He wears a set of matching blue pants and understated brown shoes. Best of all though, he’s holding an adorable croissant, fresh from le bakery.

As you’ll come to see, each plush has a tag with a corresponding city on it. Mickey isn’t just from anywhere in France, he’s a Parisian.

Minnie Germany Plush – $29.99

Germany Minnie wears a lovely red, green, and yellow dirndl dress with a frilly white undershirt. She’s even wearing a traditional Bavarian crown of flowers. You can get your own dirndl dress from The Dress Shop at the Germany Pavilion now.

Minnie is from München, or the capital and most populous city of Bavaria.

Mickey Mouse Italy Plush – $29.99

Probably the best plush out of this bunch is this Italian Mickey. I don’t even know where to start with him. He’s wearing a big, white chef’s hat with the colors of the Italian flag by the brim, plus a chef’s coat with red sleeve cuffs and red buttons. His pants are green, with black chef shoes, suitable for any busy pizzeria kitchen. Oh, and speaking of pizzas, he’s holding a large pepperoni pizza on a metal tray, and the pizza even has a hidden Mickey made out of pepperonis. Best of all, Mickey even has a full-on mustache.

The details don’t stop there. On the back, Mickey’s red bandana reads “Mickey Pizzeria”.

This is amazing.

It’s interesting to note that these aren’t exactly the same as the World Showcase-embroidered plush that were released earlier this month. The feet of these plush all feature “Disney Store” embroidered onto them, with whatever international Disney Store they’re from (Paris, München, Italia).

Here’s a look at the embroidery that was featured in the Canada Mickey plush, which clearly denotes this as an Epcot Canada Pavilion exclusive, whereas these new ones are just imported from Disney Stores across the world. It makes them slightly less cool due to the lack of exclusivity (they aren’t Disney Parks exclusives by default, too), but there’s still no denying we need pizza-wielding moustached Mickey.

Each plush retails for $29.99. Will you be heading over to MouseGear for your international plush?

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