PHOTOS: New Pixar Luxo Ball Dress, Loungefly Purse, and Matching Minnie Plush Now Available at the Magic Kingdom

pixar dress minnie plush
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Yesterday, we reported that a Luxo Ball and Luxo Jr. Halterneck Dress, and Luxo Ball Loungefly Purse had bounced their way onto shopDisney. Today, on our visit to the Magic Kingdom, we were excited to see that the adorable apparel has already made its way into the park. Not only that, but it looks like a very special mouse has already gotten on board with the trend…

Pixar Halter Dress – $128

We spotted this stunning dress in Uptown Jewelers in the Magic Kingdom. Featuring a simple yellow halter top and blue band around the waist, the most eye-catching part of this design has to be the iconic Luxo Ball and Luxo Jr. playful design printed along the dress’ white hemline.

Pixar Luxo Ball Crossbody Bag by Loungefly – $65

This instantly-recognizable Luxo ball design has made a stunning crossbody purse by Loungefly. With simple red, blue and yellow sequin work on the front and a starry interior, this bag will be perfect for carrying all your essentials round the parks. As with the dress, we spotted this at Uptown Jewelers in the Magic Kingdom.

Pixar Minnie Plush – $29.99

pixar dress minnie plush

pixar dress minnie plush

pixar dress minnie plush

Looks like Minnie has already been shopping in the Magic Kingdom today, as here she is wearing the very same halterneck dress, and rocking it with a pair of sky blue heels. I mean, if Minnie herself is wearing it, then it must be fashionable! We spotted this plush at The Emporium in the Magic Kingdom.

Will you be shopping any of these items? Make sure you also check out the Disney Parks Loungely Pixar Luxo Ball Backpack, which we spotted earlier this summer.

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