PHOTOS, VIDEO: New Animal Villain Drawing Classes Descend Upon The Animation Experience at Conservation Station in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We’re back at the relatively new Animation Experience at Conservation Station in Disney’s Animal Kingdom for a whole new wicked twist to the hands-on guided drawing experience. Regardless of my own personal affliction towards the recent changes in this space (RIP Song of the Rainforest), the Animation Experience is quickly becoming a fan-favorite activity at Rafiki’s Planet Watch.

We thoroughly enjoyed how relaxing and interactive it was back when it first opened, and now we’re back for animal villain drawings! Let’s take a look at the new drawing tutorials available just in time for Halloween.

Conservation Station usually opens at 9:30 AM. Our reporter Annie was in for the first drawing lesson of the day: Tick-Tock the Crocodile from Peter Pan.

More of a supporting actor than a villain in the original animated film, this croc dwells on the isle of Neverland. Tick-Tock has swallowed a number of animate and inanimate objects over his reptilian lifespan, including (pre-hook) Captain Hook’s hand (who lost it while battling Peter Pan) as well as an alarm clock, which eventually became his namesake, due to his now-constant ticking.

You can still see parts of Song of the Rainforest in the back, hidden away by planters.

While FastPass+ is available for this attraction, you can usually get in via stand-by. We wouldn’t recommend wasting a FastPass here unless you absolutely want to rest assured that you have a spot saved. (I know there are some Animation Experience die-hards out there, and this activity does draw in a good number of those crowds.)

By the way, there was also an adorable skunk out for a quick, smelly meet-and-greet.

As is customary with The Animation Experience, you’re given a sheet with guidelines already printed on.

The class hosts open seating, with a large clipboard and pencils available for each guest.

The class is guided by an in-house Disney sketch artist.

Yes, the pencils (thankfully) have erasers.

The drawing lesson begins with a video lesson on ecology and fun facts on the resident crocodiles at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. There’s a fun bit on the territorial nature of crocodiles, including the constant fight amongst the group for the “VIP spot” to bask in the sun.

You then move on to the drawing lesson, where the guide goes step by step with an overhead camera projecting onto the screens, so you can follow along.

Once finished, all of the pencils and boards are collected, but you get to keep your masterpiece.

Annie did a fine job considering she was taking video and drawing at the same time.

Next up was Hopper from A Bug’s Life.

And later on in the day was Ed from The Lion King.

The Animation Experience drawing classes run through 4:45 PM today, with lessons on how to draw Scar (The Lion King), Bruce (Finding Nemo), Ed (also Lion King), and Hopper (A Bug’s Life) rotating throughout the day.

Eventually, Shere Khan from The Jungle Book will be added to the lineup, but Cast Members said that lesson wasn’t quite ready yet.

You can check out the full drawing experience in the video below! (Yes, the video Annie recorded while also drawing!)

Will you be taking the train over to Rafiki’s Planet Watch for this new experience? Let us know in the comments!