PHOTOS: New Digital Tip Boards Receive Themed Cases to Match Guest Experience Team Stations at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Over the summer, we noticed many changes around Disney’s Hollywood Studios to prepare for the grand opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Among those changes were the addition of digital tip boards around the park. Temporary signs went up all over the park to help guests figure out the wait times of attractions and the “status” of Galaxy’s Edge.

While visiting the park today, we noticed these signs now have a more permanent look to them, as they’re now encased in themed displays to match the Guest Experience Team desks.

As we walk down Hollywood Blvd., we spot the first themed sign next to the Guest Experience Team station. It features light blue and silver Art Deco accents.

As we made our way towards the Guest Experience Team near Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at the end of Sunset Boulevard, we noticed they also have a more permanent looking structure set up around their tip board.

Outside of Backlot Express, another themed digital tip board is enclosed in a similar themed wooden box.

The last and final digital tip board we encountered today was at the entrance of Toy Story Land. This one also has a display around it, which blends in with the surroundings.

With the latest holiday weekend crowds, we saw a dramatic spike in the number of guests visiting Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios. As we get into even busier holiday seasons, it looks like they’re taking action to protect these signs and make sure they’re noticed by guests in the parks.

What do you think of these new digital tip boards around Disney’s Hollywood Studios?