REVIEW: Chocolate Mousse Sorcerer Mickey Cupcake from All-Star Movies

The World Premier Food Court at All-Star Movies has a new character themed cupcake available, and it looks magical. This cupcake is perfectly decorated to look like Sorcerer Mickey from his red robe to his stars and moon hat. Let’s see if it’s as good as it looks.

The Sorcerer Mickey mousse topped cupcake is available for $5.99. A blue buttercream hat, with chocolate ears, sits atop the red mousse, complete with fondant stars and moon. We appreciate the creativity with the decoration.

It’s a little top heavy, so when we split it in half, it fell over. There’s a heaping pile of chocolate mousse on top of blue buttercream and chocolate cake. This is perfect if you’re in the mood for chocolate. The mousse was very rich and almost too chocolatey. This is another snack that almost looks like it could be two. There’s a perfect mousse dome on top, and a delicious, fresh chocolate cupcake with buttercream underneath.

This cupcake was a little rich, but it was good.¬†Next time you’re at the World Premier Food Court at All-Star Movies, skip the Cinema Popcorn Caramel Sundae and go for the Sorcerer Mickey.