REVIEW: New Halloween Graveyard Worms ‘n’ Dirt is a Fangtastic Treat at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

If you’re looking to sink your fangs into something sweet, look no further than this Graveyard Worms ‘n’ Dirt Verrine from Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This cookies and cream verrine is available from Rosie’s All-American Cafe at Sunset Ranch Market and Backlot Express, and is one of the better Halloween treats we’ve tried in this park.

The Graveyard Worms ‘n’ Dirt is layers of rich and creamy deliciousness. The bottom layer is a chocolate mousse which is then topped by a cookies and cream type of pudding. Chocolate cookie crumbs, boba pearls (weird, I know), and a white chocolate Mickey top the entire thing.

You actually get a nice-sized dessert for your money, and $4.99 isn’t a bad price. It’s got a lot more substance to it than decoration, and can be carried conveniently around in these individual cups. Mickey does look like he’s seen better days, but I guess when you’re undead, looks don’t matter much.

Oh, we spotted a worm in our dirt. One gummy worm was hiding behind the white chocolate piece. This should be called “a single worm ‘n’ dirt”, or “boba ‘n’ dirt”, but it’s still delicious. I’m going to take a guess and say the boba pearls were passion fruit flavored, because when I asked the cast members at the counter, they had no idea. The pudding center is delicious, but it really tastes like the instant Oreo pudding I make at home. The bottom layer has a strong chocolate mousse taste to it. The fruity boba pearls popping and mixing with Oreo crumbs and pudding was really a strange combination, but it’s worth a try just to experience it.

Overall, this was a really excellent and solid dessert we would recommend checking out next time you’re haunting Hollywood Studios. Cookies and cream desserts are almost always a win. And for our vegan friends, don’t forget that Epcot has a cookies and cream plant-based mousse available that we thought was pretty amazing too. Enjoy!