REVIEW: New Alcoholic Witches Brew with Souvenir Poison Apple Glow Cube Now Bubbling at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Which witch is which? This Witches Brew is a new alcoholic specialty beverage avialable just in time for Halloween. We were making our way around Hollywood Studios when we spotted the sign on the beverage cart just outside of Animation Courtyard advertising this yummy adult beverage. This concoction consists of Bulleit Rye Whiskey, Apple Cider, and Ginger Beer. It sounds amazing, and it comes with a green poison apple glow cube, so we decided to try out what these whiskey-loving witches are serving up nowadays.

This drink is served with a floating green poison apple souvenir glow cube for $16.75. Considering the apples are usually a $4 additional add-on at most places, this price isn’t bad. The apple has 3 different light settings that can be turned off and on by a small button on the back of the cube.

The stand we found this at usually blends in with the scenery, but it is located between the entrance to the Brown Derby and the archway into Animation Courtyard.

This drink is really good, but strong. The whiskey is strong, but the ginger beer and apple cider help it to go down a little easier. This was a drink I needed to stroll and sip for a while, though. Your cinnamon stick will sink, but the faster you drink, the easier it is to get it out.

It’s nice to see some creative seasonal alcoholic drinks offered around the parks and resorts.

Witches Brew is a a nice seasonal drink with a strong taste, so remember to enjoy responsibly. If you find yourself feeling a little goofy, be sure to hitch a ride from a pal. Happy Halloween!

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1 year ago

Looks really good! BUT, these alcoholic beverage prices are starting to get out of hand. Yikes!