The new rainbow Figment bus is a sight to behold!

PHOTOS: New Figment Bus Brings Imagination to Disney Transportation at Walt Disney World

The latest addition to the Disney Transportation family is none other than the royal purple Figment bus!

The design features Figment with a paintbrush, painting a rainbow all across the Walt Disney World skies.

If you look closely, you can even see the Imagination! Pavilion in the background, by the front of the bus doors.

I really love the fun design in the back, with Figment’s tail and even a paint handprint.

Similar to the buses featuring the sensational six, these buses have those new blue seats and laminate floors throughout. Some of the buses will also have USB charging ports conveniently located between seats, so you can re-charge your devices and not miss a moment of capturing and sharing your Disney vacation memories.

You can check out even more photos of the recent “The Lion King” bus here, as well as the “Monsters, Inc.” bus here! Other additions to the Disney character buses include Dumbo as well as Rocket and Groot from “Guardians of the Galaxy”!