Have you spotted any new character buses around the resort yet?

PHOTOS: Dumbo, Groot, and Rocket Join the Disney Transportation Fleet as New Bus Wraps at Walt Disney World

Back in July, we got the addition of all-new “Sensational Six” buses at Walt Disney World, with bus wraps featuring Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Daisy, Donald, and Pluto. Now, there are new characters zooming by on all-new bus wraps featuring Dumbo, plus Rocket and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy!


Why ride when you can soar? This larger-than-life Dumbo wrap sees the adorable pachyderm carrying his classic black feather. His circus collar matches the orange at the front of the bus. A new Disney Transport logo can be seen on the back.

The other side of the bus also features Dumbo flying midair, but this time it’s over the circus. Board one of these and you’ll be at your very own Storybook Circus before you know it! (Just make sure you’re on the right bus.)

Rocket & Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Groot: “I am Groot!”

Rocket: “No, you’re a BUS.”

This bus stars Rocket Raccoon and Groot soaring through the galaxy with Star Blasters in the background.

I love all of the stars and spiral nebulae across the side of the bus, giving it a real out-of-this-world feel.

The buses even feature the Guardians of the Galaxy logo and crest on both sides. (And of course, the Marvel copyright.)

I wouldn’t have minded Baby Groot on here, but grown-up Groot will do.

As a reminder, these new buses feature built-in USB charging ports and refreshed interiors. The character wraps add a unique touch, and the amenities on the inside make resort hopping and navigating the resort much more convenient. The new bus fleet is currently transporting guests to and from the Magic Kingdom to the Transportation and Ticket Center, and we hope to see an expanded service area soon!

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1 year ago

Have they announced a total number of the sensational six buses? I originally thought it was just the 6, but we have seen up to 4 Daisy ones at the same time.