PHOTOS: New “The Lion King” Bus Wrap Featuring Simba and Zazu Joins Disney Transportation Fleet at Walt Disney World

Everybody look left! Everybody look right! Everywhere you look, there’s… a new bus wrap! (Zazu: “NOT YET!”)

Just this weekend, we were dazzled by the arrival of two new buses to the Disney Transport fleet, featuring Dumbo, as well as Rocket and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. Now, we’ve been graced with a new addition to the new Disney movie bus wrap series: Simba and Zazu from The Lion King!

We managed to catch the bus as it pulled into a lot. As any good lion would do, we pretty much stalked it. And speaking of lions, we have Simba leaping across the side of the bus, with Pride Rock in the background and Zazu flying just ahead of him. The grassy stalks peeking out from the bottom are a great touch, too. Actually, all of the colors on this bus, much like the animation from the film, are magnificent. If you’re curious about the other side of the bus, much like the other movie bus wraps, it features more or less the same design:

The back of the bus features Pride Rock across the grass, with the pink and purple sky in the background.

This bus marks the 9th addition to the Disney Transport bus fleet, with six new wraps featuring classic Disney characters as “Sensational Six” and now three new movie-themed wraps.

As a reminder, these new buses feature built-in USB charging ports and refreshed interiors. The character wraps add a unique touch, and the amenities on the inside make resort hopping and navigating the resort much more convenient. The new bus fleet is currently transporting guests to and from the Magic Kingdom to the Transportation and Ticket Center (and now Disney Springs as well, apparently), and we hope to see an expanded service area soon!

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2 years ago

Do these buses have WiFi?

Tom Corless
2 years ago
Reply to  Catherine

They should

Lucio Figueroa
Lucio Figueroa
2 years ago

They are a work of art.