REVIEW: New Candy Corn Verrine is More of a Trick Than a Treat at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Halloween is a couple weeks away, so you know the Christmas treats will be arriving any day now here at Walt Disney World.

Those of us who would prefer to sit back and savor Halloween as long as possible will be happy to know that you can now find Candy Corn Verrine from Catalina Eddie’s at Sunset Ranch Market. Well, there are bound to be some tricks among all the treats this Halloween. There’s some serious deception going on here! Welcome to the review from Holl… ywood Studios.

Candy corn is one of those strange holiday candies that are iconic, but also usually pretty gross. Something about candy corn flavored things is more appealing than actual candy corn. So, looking at this layered yellow, orange, and white verrine got us excited for a candy corn treat. That’s when everything started to go downhill.

We quickly realized there is absolutely nothing candy corn about this besides the coloring. The yellow is lemon custard! Never expected a big bite of tart lemon. It’s like getting a coupon or a rubber band in your trick or treat bag. Who does that?

We will say that the vanilla-flavored, orange-colored cake was fresh and delicious, but it was a very basic vanilla. The cream on the top was plain, too. So, we’ve got a lemon custard at the bottom, with vanilla cake and whipped cream. That’s totally what comes to mind when you think about candy corn and Halloween, right?

That chocolate spiderweb is super cute, but super bitter.

The cake and topping are good, but that custard was a little too much to handle. Going in with a mindset that you’re about to eat lemon custard will hopefully save you from the same disappointment I had. Save your $4.99 and skip this snack.

Maybe they should have called it a “Halloween Verrine” or mentioned the lemon somewhere on the sign. If you like lemon custard, give this one a try, otherwise, we suggest you make your way to Rosie’s All-American Cafe and dig up the Graveyard Worms ‘n’ Dirt instead.

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1 year ago

While I agree that disclosing the contents of this dessert in some way would have been smart, many of us love lemon custard, i.e., lemon curd, and adding a nice piece of cake and some cream makes it somewhat like a trifle. The dark chocolate spider web sounds delicious. It’s supposed to be bitter. I would break it up and stir it in. I would buy this in a heartbeat.