REVIEW: New Vegan Panna-Connie’s Congo Lime Delight Dessert is a Zesty Plant-Based Adventure at Skipper Canteen in the Magic Kingdom

In an effort to appeal to a wider variety of tastes and dietary preferences, Walt Disney World recently rolled out a ton of new vegan, plant-based menu items, complete with a cute new leaf icon to help vegan and vegetarian guests easily pinpoint their options. That’s right, the days of obscure vegan menus and having to stand around waiting for a chef are a thing of the past, and with vegan food items now out in the open, even the omnivores are getting curious.

Today, we’re at Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen in the Magic Kingdom, where all the adventurous eaters go. Just added to their Desserts menu is the vegan, plant-based Panna-Connie’s Congo Lime Delight! Skipper Canteen boasts some of the most beautifully plated and exotic desserts in all of the Magic Kingdom, so the addition of a vegan option to their already stellar dessert menu is a welcome one. Now, let’s head down de-Nile for a zesty treat!

It’s nice to see the vegan offering right alongside the others. No more asking for a fruit cup or Enjoy Life cookies!

Panna-Connie’s Congo Lime Delight – $9.00

Lime “Panna Cotta” served with Mango-Lime Sorbet, Fresh Fruit, and a Brazil Nut Cookie

As with all Skipper Canteen desserts, the presentation here is very artistic, however with that, comes odd interpretations of what’s actually included or not. The menu advertises a brazil nut cookie, however you only get 1/8 of said cookie crumbled in beneath the scoop of sorbet.

Speaking of sorbet, most of the flavor present in the dessert came from the sorbet. Despite being Mango-Lime, lime is the only flavor you really pick up from the sorbet itself. I didn’t get much mango from it, but it had a truly citrusy, zesty flavor, so it’s still quite good. The little droplets of mango reduction are the best way to pick up any mango flavor in the dish.

I applaud the use of candied jalapeño and orange slices. You normally wouldn’t equate those with dessert, but it’s an oddly good mix, and definitely something different. That being said, the key thing here is to get a little bit of each of the dessert’s components in every bite. The panna cotta by itself doesn’t taste like much (it’s probably just non-dairy milk and agar agar or some other thickener), but if you put all of the flavors together, all of the mellow and strong flavors compliment each other for a perfect spoonful.

If you’re a regular at Skipper Canteen (like we are) and you’re looking to try something new, definitely give this dessert a try. If you’re a vegan or otherwise following a plant-based diet, you’ll also be happy with this dessert option. At $9.00, it isn’t a tremendous value, but it’s on par with the other desserts here, and it’s definitely adventurous.