SHOP: ‘Olu the Sea Turtle, A Friend of Duffy from Aulani Resort Swims Into shopDisney

While CookieAnn is the Friend of Duffy everyone’s talking about overseas now that she’s heading to Tokyo DisneySea, we have some rare Duffy friend news of our own here in the US. A small collection of ‘Olu merchandise has made it onto shopDisney!

I can’t remember the last time any Duffy and Friends merch made it onto there, with Captain Duffy having been released briefly back in April, and a small Gelatoni collection from Aulani about a year before that, so this is big news for Duffy collectors looking to buy direct. Also interesting to note is the language in most of these listings, which states: “Now you can be friends with Duffy, Olu, and ShellieMay, too, with our special online collection!” Could more Duffy and ShellieMay items be making it onto shopDisney soon? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, you can now shop a full line of ‘Olu merch, including plush, stationery, and accessories like backpacks and passholders. But first, here’s some backstory on ‘Olu, who was introduced to Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa, back in July 2018:

Duffy and Mickey were sailing the islands to find ShellieMay a birthday present. Happy music led them to a cozy cove. ”Aloha, I’m Olu! I play my ukulele to make songs of love. Want to sing with me?” Olu strummed a beautiful song. ”That will be the perfect present!” At her birthday party, they all sang their special song for ShellieMay.

You can shop the full collection on shopDisney, or simply click the item links at the top of each listing.

Olu Plush Crossbody Bag – $22.00

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Olu the Sea Turtle met Mickey and Duffy on their visit to Hawaii, and now you can have your very own plush Olu crossbody bag with zippered compartment, ukulele charm pull, plus adjustable satin print straps.

Olu Plush Backpack – Small – 13” – $45.00

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Now you can have your very own plush ‘Olu backpack with zippered compartment in his soft shell, plus adjustable satin print straps. (I may or may not have ordered this immediately…)

Olu Spiral Notepad – $8.00

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Keep a record of all your island adventures in this small Olu spiral notepad with lined, illustrated pages.

Olu Plush – Medium – 15” – $35.00


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Olu ”Aloha” Wear Plush – Small – 11” – $35.00

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Olu’s non-removable outfit includes a print ”Aloha” shirt, white t-shirt, and twill pants. He also wears a padded sunhat with satin hatband

Olu ”Aloha” Wear Costume – 15” – $27.00


Your 15” Olu Plush (sold separately) steps out on the sands in a retro-cool islander costume, including sunhat, ukulele print ”Aloha” shirt, and embroidered board shorts.