PHOTOS: New Marquee Signs Spotted at the Entrance to Disney’s Riviera Resort

While driving past the entrance to the new Disney’s Riviera Resort, we managed to get a glimpse at some of the new signage as it gets closer to completion. Back in August, the gold “RR” marquee caught our attention, shining from the roof of the new resort. Now we can see parts of the entrance, and it looks like it will be really nice. Let’s check it out.

There are two marquees on each side of the entrance, both of them still surrounded by construction scrims. Just over the top of the scrims, we can make out a little bit of detailing on the signs.

There’s metal fencing flanking both sides of the sign, but we can still see it’s covered with wrapping at the top.

The main logo on the sign is still covered by a tarp on both sides of the driveway entrance. Just over the top of the sheet, we can make out what looks like Mickey ears (most likely the DVC logo), and some scrolling details on the sides.

The signs at the entrance aren’t the only things looking closer to completion, so be sure to check out our last update on the construction happening at the resort. Are you excited for the Riviera Resort opening later this year?

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1 year ago

I can’t wait!!! We’ll be there for opening day!!